“Presumed Innocent” Episode 7 Preview: Raymond may not be dead, but his defense team has a trump card

Contains spoilers and speculation about “Presumed Innocent”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: The sixth episode of ‘Presumed Innocent’ on Apple TV+ focuses entirely on the trial of Rusty Sabich (Jake Gyllenhaal) as he strives to establish his innocence in the murder of Carolyn Polhemus (Renate Reinsve).

David E Kelley’s eight-episode series follows Rusty, a prosecutor who finds himself on the wrong side of the law when his secret girlfriend and colleague Carolyn is killed.

Things looked good for Rusty in the most recent episode when his defense gained traction and exposed the bias of prosecutor Tommy Molto (Peter Sarsgaard).

However, tragedy soon befell Rusty when his mentor and legal defense attorney, Raymond Horgon (Bill Camp), suffers a cardiac arrest during cross-examination of Michael Caldwell (Tate Birchmore), Carolyn’s son.

In light of these recent events, it’s safe to assume that the seventh episode of the show will be full of drama and intrigue, bringing us just one inch closer to discovering who the real killer is.

So here’s what to expect from the exciting seventh episode of ‘Presumed Innocent’, titled ‘The Witness’.

Raymond Horgan’s health crisis to add more drama in “Presumed Innocent” Episode 7

Bill Camp in a photo film of
Bill Camp in “Presumed Innocent” photo shoot (@appletv+)

The show’s seventh episode will offer an update on Raymond’s health.

In the final moments of the show, it was established that Raymond is suffering from a heart attack, causing the courtroom to go into a state of panic, and despite multiple attempts, Raymond does not wake up.

As the last episode closes on a cliffhanger, it remains unclear whether Raymond dies or survives. The next episode will most likely give an update on that.

Courtroom drama will take center stage in “Presumed Innocent” Episode 7

Peter Sarsgaard and OT Fagbenle in a photo film by
Peter Sarsgaard and OT Fagbenle in “Presumed Innocent” photo shoot (@appletv+)

The courtroom tension will reach a new high when Rusty’s defense attorney, Raymond, contends with a health problem.

The prosecution is set to take a more confrontational approach and they would most likely focus on the overwhelming evidence against Rusty, presenting it with renewed vigor.

In addition, Rusty’s defense team will argue to improve their case and will likely explore Michael’s difficult relationship with his mother, as well as his grudge against Rusty,

This may illuminate previously unknown areas of Carolyn’s past, offering crucial context for the jury to better understand her motives and behaviors, which could reveal new complexities in Carolyn and Rusty’s relationship.

Barbara’s emotional struggles intensify in “Presumed Innocent” Episode 7

Barbara Sabich in a photogram of
Ruth Negga as Barbara Sabich in “Presumed Innocent” photo shoot (@appletv+)

From the beginning of the show, we saw how Rusty’s affair with Carolyn wreaked havoc on his wife, Barbara Sabich (Ruth Negga), who seems to be falling apart under the weight of her marriage and responsibilities.

In the most recent episode, she tells Rusty about her kiss with Clifton (Sarunas J Jackson), which upsets him.

Barbara, who wanted to rebuild their relationship, was depressed by Rusty’s rude statements, and that would only get worse in the next episode when she took the stand.

It is likely that she will start talking about her own problems, adding to Rusty’s already thin defense.

Mya Winslow will take on the role of defense in “Presumed Innocent” Episode 7

Gabby Beans in a still from 'Presumed Innocent' (@appletv+)
Gabby Beans in ‘Presumed Innocent’ photo shoot (@appletv+)

Following Raymond’s health crisis, Mya Winslow (Gabby Beans) very likely assumes responsibility for Rusty’s defense, indicating a change in the defense that might either benefit or exacerbate Rusty’s problems.

However, Winslow is depicted as having a strong legal mind, implying that she has a thorough awareness of courtroom tactics, legal strategy, and case preparation.

Overall, the appointment of Mya Winslow marks a change in the leadership and strategy of the defense, as she brings her enormous skills to bear in the search for justice for Rusty amid the increasing drama of the trial.

How to stream ‘Presumed Innocent’?

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Subscribe to the Apple TV+ streaming service to immerse yourself in the captivating world of drama and suspense, where you can watch a courtroom thriller that will hold your attention.

Apple TV+ requires a $9.99 monthly subscription fee to access all of the platform’s original content.

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