“Presumed Innocent”: How 2 major changes separate Jake Gyllenhaal’s series from Harrison Ford’s film

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Apple TV+’s ongoing legal thriller ‘Presumed Innocent’ plunges viewers headfirst into the fascinating world of courtroom drama and conflict.

The show is a cinematic version of Scott Turow’s book of the same name, and it’s not the first time that story has been adapted for the screen, as a 1990 film starring Harrison Ford of the same title previously wowed fans.

Although the film relied significantly on its source material, the drama series differs from the original film in two important respects, giving the show a unique take.

Raymond Horgon does not defend Rusty Sabich in the movie ‘Presumed Innocent’

Jake Gyllenhaal and Bill Camp in ‘Presumed Innocent’ photo shoot (@appletv+)

Rusty Sabich (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Raymond Horgan (Bill Camp) are shown as best friends in the Apple TV+ adaptation which is a change from the 1990 film when Rusty (Harrison Ford) sought legal assistance elsewhere and employs lead defense attorney Sandy Stern (Raul Julia).

In this version, Raymond defends Rusty in court, adding political intrigue and intensifying his professional rivalry with Nico Della Guardia (OT Fagbenle), even if at first he is upset by his actions.

Raymond’s character is also shown in the show as a devoted family member who is disturbed by Rusty’s behavior and sometimes confronts his betrayals but continues to defend him.

Carolyn Polhemus was not pregnant in the movie “Presumed Innocent”

The first episode of
Renate Reinsve as Carolyn Polhemus in “Presumed Innocent” photo shoot (@appletv+)

The core plot of the film and series remains the same where Rusty is the main suspect in the murder case of Carolyn Polhemus (Greta Scacchi/ Renate Reinsve).

In the Ford film, Rusty becomes the primary suspect in the case because of the fluid sample taken from the spermicidal contraceptive, but it turns out that Carolyn underwent medical surgery to prevent becoming pregnant, so she did not need to take birth control.

Rusty is cleared because his defense claims that Carolyn was not the source of the sample.

However, the Apple TV+ show establishes Rusty as the primary suspect by revealing that Carolyn was expecting his child. This change makes the mystery more interesting and makes the audience wonder if Rusty is telling the truth.

The show’s ethically questionable portrayal of Rusty adds to the tension surrounding the murder investigation.

How do these changes from the movie affect the plot of Apple TV+’s ‘Presumed Innocent’?

Jake Gyllenhaal in a photo shoot of
Jake Gyllenhaal in “Presumed Innocent” photo shoot (@appletv+)

Those two crucial modifications raise the emotional stakes, affect character dynamics, complicate the investigation and fundamentally change the plot.

In the series, Raymond’s choice to defend Rusty in the face of early setbacks heightens the political intrigue and their competition with Guardia.

This shift in dynamics not only affects the drama in the courtroom but also heightens the interpersonal tensions that drive the story forward.

Furthermore, the narrative emphasis is radically altered by the discovery that Carolyn was carrying Rusty’s child in the series, as opposed to the original film, where her medical sterility is a central plot element.

This change makes viewers doubt Rusty’s innocence and adds further complexities to the murder case by raising suspicions about him.

How to stream ‘Presumed Innocent’?

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Photocom by “Presumed Innocent” (@appletv+)

A subscription to the Apple TV+ streaming service will let you into the fascinating world of this courtroom drama.

Apple TV+ allows a monthly membership fee of $9.99 to access all original episodes and movies from the platform.

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