‘Presumed Innocent’: Is there more than one killer? Fans were confused about the case of Carolyn Polhemus

Contains spoilers and speculation about “Presumed Innocent”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jake Gyllenhaal’s courtroom drama “Presumed Innocent” is creating waves among fans for its ability to maintain the mystery surrounding the real killer of Carolyn Polhemus (Renate Reinsve).

Based on Scott Turow’s book of the same name, the story follows prosecutor Rusty Sabich (Jake Gyllenhaal), who becomes embroiled in a legal battle after being accused of murdering his colleague and secret girlfriend, Carolyn.

Rusty is established as the primary suspect in the murder case, but with each episode, the show introduces a new suspect, playing mind games with the fans.

Fans suspect Kyle Sabich is the killer in ‘Presumed Innocent’

Kingston Rumi Southwick as Kyle Sabich in a photo shoot of
Kingston Rumi Southwick as Kyle Sabich in “Presumed Innocent” photo shoot (@appletv+)

In a Reddit thread, titled “Multiple Killers” fans of the show speculated that Rusty’s son Kyle Sabich (Kingston Rumi Southwick) could be Carolyn’s possible killer.

A fan who wrote the thread said, “Does anyone else think it could be more than one ‘killer’ involved? Spoilers through ep. 4 below with my theory. I personally believe it was Kyle (the son) who killed Carolyn in the heat . of passion confronting her after seeing her dad leave, but that it was Barbara who helped him cover it up He was admitted there that night, but in discussions about it, Rusty is ushered out of the room and then informed by Barbara that we . are not clear if it is the truth.”

The fan added, “I had my suspicions about each of them implementing it individually but together, I think it adds up. I don’t think it was thought through in any of them. I think the therapist nailed it when she hinted Barbara. would do anything to keep her family together. After all, it could explain the DNA under Carolyn’s fingerprints (I don’t actually know if that’s how DNA works but I think it could provide at least a close enough hit) . . . Thoughts?

Sharing their opinion on the same, a fan said, “I like this theory! I didn’t think about what Kyle’s involvement could be but Barbara was clearly involved in the murder/cover-up. Not sure what to make of the DNA or how. it hit under Carolyn’s fingernails One thing’s for sure, the call is coming from inside Rusty’s house, that’s for sure.”

Another fan wrote, “That’s my new theory after E4 that would be a different spin while still being true to the original story. Barb scrubbed that bike VERY thoroughly. I’m not sure about the DNA. Rusty and Kyle should just share 47. -50% but they suggest the forensics guy is a hack, so maybe he screwed up.

The fan continued, “The only piece of the puzzle that doesn’t fit for me is the Brian thing but maybe the person Carolyn was afraid of at work had something to do with Bunny’s case, not her affair with Rusty. She could have been. afraid of Molto or even Raymond because of anything to do with Bunny.”

“It was both the son and daughter,” wrote another fan.

Fans are speculating about Barbara Sabich’s involvement in the murder case

Ruth Negga as Barbara Sabich in a photo film by
Ruth Negga as Barbara Sabich in “Presumed Innocent” photo shoot (@appletv+)

Now, fans are scrutinizing Rusty’s wife Barbara Sabich (Ruth Negga) for her unusual behavior, speculating about her possible involvement in the murder case.

Under a different Reddit post, a fan wrote, “Anyone notice Barbara closes her eyes first since they showed everyone awake and unable to sleep the night before the trial starts? She can sleep. She knows what happened. Rusty has case files at home . . . She saw what happened in the Bunny Davis murder.”

Another fan added, “My $ on Barb & now that they say it was similar but not exact, that cue for Rusty to know it was her and she was brilliant. She knew how he looked at her. Weird as C would say dies. Barb do this and that you you—-either she lied about who she was when she sold her that art or she knew her & Barb went over the next morning if nut to deliver it is art but even to talk—early am not would. be a scary time to let the wife in.”

Sharing their perspective, one fan said, “I still think it’s Rusty’s son and wife. The scene I. The kitchen about the bike confirmed it.”

One fan said, “The now cheating wife. She should have divorced a long time ago, only a psychopath would put up with that – or, she couldn’t put up with it. She had access to the cases through Rusty. Bike cleaning. Always told her kids that he didn’t did it.”

Is Tommy Motlo the real killer in “Presumed Innocent”?

Peter Sarsgaard as Tommy Molto in a still of
Peter Sarsgaard as Tommy Molto in a still from “Presumed Innocent” (@appletv+)

The show’s fifth episode also hinted at a possible connection between Rusty’s professional rival Tommy Molto (Peter Sarsgaard) to Carolyn’s murder, sparking an extensive discussion in a Reddit thread.

A fan speculated, “That reaction from Molto after Michael says he had lunch with his mom during which she admitted to being scared and worried about a man at work.” Another fan said, “Sure Tommy did it!”

One fan said, “100% thinks Tommy did it/was involved. Just in that episode, Nico mentions to Tommy how in the past month he’s been acting different. He was obsessed with her and knew about Rusty and her relationship, and wanted to. take matters into their own hands.”

Another fan stated, “My thought last week and this week is maybe Tommy did it. Carolyn said she was bothered by a man at work. The guess is Rusty, but this week’s episode opens the door that she didn’t want to work. with the insecure Tommy Malto, who is presumed innocent He has access to the same previous cases He was probably aware of her affair with Rusty.

How to stream ‘Presumed Innocent’?

Jake Gyllenhaal in a photo shoot of
Jake Gyllenhaal in “Presumed Innocent” photo shoot (@appletv+)

If you have an Apple TV+ streaming subscription, you can explore the interesting world of “Presumed Innocent.”

For a monthly subscription fee of $9.99, Apple TV+ gives users access to all original episodes and movies of the show.

“Presumed Innocent” Trailer.

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