‘Presumed Innocent’: Will Barbara Sabich be called to testify? Why Rusty’s fate may hang in the balance on a wife and possible…the killer

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The ongoing courtroom drama “Presumed Innocent” on Apple TV+ not only depicts the legal troubles of Rusty Sabich (Jake Gyllenhaal), but also delves into his family dynamics, focusing on his wife Barbara Sabich (Ruth Negaa).

This show follows Rusty, a respected prosecutor, on a quest to establish his innocence after being accused of killing his colleague and secret lover, Carolyn Polhemus (Renate Reinsve).

Throughout it all, his wife, Barbara, supported Rusty even though he lied, cheated, and got the other woman pregnant.

However, as Rusty’s legal problems worsen, so does his relationship with his wife, as Rusty’s hypocrisy becomes apparent in the most recent episode.

What happened between Barbara Sabich and Rusty Sabich in ‘Presumed Innocent’?

Rusty Sabich encounters an unexpected obstacle in
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In the series, Barbara initially supports Rusty despite his infidelity and struggles with the expectation of being the ideal wife and mother.

She later lets her guard down and has an affair with bartender Clifton (Sarunas J Jackson) after a heated disagreement with Rusty, who blames her for their marital problems.

Barbara’s therapist encourages her to cherish her uniqueness, so she cautiously calls Clifton and agrees to a date, during which they kiss.

Barbara later tells her therapist that the kiss served as an escape from her troubled marriage and low self-esteem.

She chooses to tell Rusty about the kiss, believing in honesty, but he responds negatively, discounting her excuse for kissing Clifton.

Rusty, overwhelmed by the trial and feeling betrayed mistakenly links his obsessive behavior to her frustrated affair, but later regrets his harshness when Barbara decides not to appear in court.

Barbara later explains to Lorraine Horgan (Elizabeth Marvel) that she believed she and Rusty were on the right track, so she confessed to the kiss, but her plan didn’t work out the way she intended.

Will Barbara Sabich testify against Rusty Sabich in ‘Presumed Innocent’?

Barbara Sabich in a photogram of
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Barbara will definitely take the stand in the future episode, but it is unclear if she will testify against or for her husband.

Barbara’s recent activities indicate that she values ​​honesty and integrity and if she feels that testifying would provide clarity or justice, she may decide to do so.

For example, when Raynold Horgan (Bill Camp) asked her that she should be more loving towards Rusty in order to generate public sympathy, she categorically refused to follow the instructions because she believed that she should expose her true self to the jury and refused to pretend.

In addition, Rusty’s unfavorable response to her confession may further motivate her to work against his defense.

Barbara’s therapist’s advice to cherish her individuality and seek honesty in her marriage may also influence her decision to testify in order to regain her lost confidence.

While it’s unclear whether Barbara would testify for or against Rusty, it’s clear that their marriage has broken beyond repair, and we could get the couple’s breakup news in the season finale episode.

Did Barbara Sabich kill Carolyn Polhemus in “Presumed Innocent”?

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The fundamental mystery of the show is centered around the real killer of Carolyn.

With so many suspicions, it’s unclear who the culprit is, but Barbara emerges as a prime candidate due to her strong goals.

After discovering Rusty’s infidelity, she may have chosen to give him another shot but Barbara may have been deeply disappointed to learn that Rusty continued to seek out Carolyn and even dated her after their breakup.

Barbara may have confronted Carolyn and murdered her in a fit of rage.

This scenario is consistent with Barbara’s emotional anguish and strong desire to protect her family, making her a viable suspect in Carolyn’s murder.

How to stream ‘Presumed Innocent’?

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By subscribing to the Apple TV+ streaming service, you have access to a series that immerses you in the captivating realm of courtroom drama.

Apple TV+ requires a monthly fee of $9.99 to access all of the platform’s original episodes and movies.

“Presumed Innocent” Trailer.

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