“Prison Brides”: Meet the Couples Who Will Be on Lifetime’s All-New Show

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Lifetime’s original series “Prison Brides” premieres Wednesday, January 10 at 9:30/8:30c. Seven women believe they have found their soul mate in the most unexpected space, the American prison. This series is produced by a British production company called Big Little Fish.

Seven women who opened their hearts to American prisoners will be the subject of this captivating documentary series. The women were briefly friends with the famous crooks before falling in love. The show will follow the women as they overcome social and geographic barriers to ultimately reconnect with their imprisoned parents, spouses or even fiancés. Can they overcome all obstacles to spend time with their loved ones?

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Who will be part of Lifetime’s ‘Prison Brides’ series?

Seven women from the four corners of the wall found their love in the American prison. They travel the world to meet and eventually marry these seven American inmates. the couples who will appear in the series are Erin & Michael, Joseph & Svea, Jessica & Craig, Emma & Curtis, Olivia & KJ, Gabby & Jamal and finally Andreea & Cage.

Meet the seven couples who will be part of Lifetime’s ‘Prison Brides’

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1. Erin and Michael

Erin is a single mother from Australia. She’s about to leave everyone behind and move to the other part of the world to meet the love of her life. Michael will soon be released from prison. He spent much of his youth in prison. The question remains how would they adapt to each other? In the teaser, Erin’s friend warns her “that she’s moving away from everyone and everything she’s ever known for someone she’s only met once and who is in prison.

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Erin and Micahel (Youtube/@Lifetime)
Erin and Micahel (Youtube/@Lifetime)

2. Svea and Joseph

Svea is a German midwife who played Joseph online with Michigan. Joseph will soon be released from prison. Svea seems to be completely in love with Joseph. So much so that she is even ready to leave her country. In the trailer, she is seen telling viewers, “I’m taking this long flight to meet someone I’ve never seen before.” and even her mother warns her about moving to a new country.

Svéa and Joseph (Youtube/@Lifetime)
Svéa and Joseph (Youtube/@Lifetime)

3.Jessica and Craig

Jessica is already married to Craig. Jessica is an Australian born woman who can be considered a “real prison wife”. She even moved to Kansas to start a family with Craig. But will all this live up to his expectations? In the teaser, Jessica says, “I’m married to an inmate living in the United States.”

Jessica and Craig (Youtube/@Lifetime)
Jessica and Craig (Youtube/@Lifetime)

4. Emma and Curtis

Curtis is a car thief based in the United States. Emma is thrilled to marry the love of her life, Curtis. However, Emma’s parents are unhappy with their daughter leaving the UK to marry someone from the prison. In the trailer, Emma’s father is seen asking her about Curtis with a very dark and worried face. What would Emma’s final decision be?

Emma and Curtis (Youtube/@Lifetime)
Emma and Curtis (Youtube/@Lifetime)

5. Olivia and K.J.

Olivia is a dance teacher based in the UK. She met American inmate KJ and got engaged within three days. She is ready to move to the United States and completely change her lifestyle to get closer to the man of her dreams. However, she will have a difficult road ahead. KJ is seen promising Olivia in the teaser that he promises to create a life with Olivia.

Olivia and KJ (Youtube/Lifetime)
Olivia and KJ (Youtube/Lifetime)

6. Gabby and Jamal

Gabby is a German model who fell in love with convicted murderer Jamal. Despite all the obstacles, Gabby’s love for Jamal is incredible. She is ready to fight for her love.

Gabby and Jamal (Youtube/Lifetieme)
Gabby and Jamal (Youtube/Lifetieme)

7. Andreea and Cage

Andreea is a model of Romanian origin and grew up in Spain. She then moved to London to pursue her higher education. Andreea is truly someone who has traveled the world during her life. She intends to marry American inmate Cage who has just served 10 of a 50-year prison term in Texas for aggravated burglary. In the teaser, we see Cage talking about his 50-year sentence for aggravated burglary.

Andreea and Cage, the couple of
‘Prison Brides’ couple Andreea and Cage speculated they’d still be together (TikTok/@andreea_cage)

As Lifetime approaches its 40th anniversary, many new shows are airing on the American cable channel. “Prison Brides” is one of several series scheduled for release on January 10, 2024.

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