‘Prison Brides’ Star Gabby Explores Calling Options As She Falls For Convicted Murderer Jamal

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Lifetime’s “Prison Brides” couple Gabby and Jamal hope to build a life together. However, Jamal’s prison sentence is a cause for concern in their relationship.

Gabby, a former German model, fell in love with a convicted murderer. Although Jamal was convicted of the crime, Gabby hopes that one day he will be a free person.

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Gabby thinks it’s possible she can get Jamal out of prison early by appealing. While she waits for her release date to be discussed or announced, Gabby will explore recourse options for the love of her life.

It has not yet been revealed whether the couple is still together or not. We’ll have to wait for the release of “Prison Brides” to find out what awaits us.

Who are the stars of “Prison Brides”?

The new docuseries will feature seven couples, women who fell in love with inmates.

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Erin and Michael
Erin and Micahel (Youtube/@Lifetime)
Erin “Prison Brides” is excited to live with Micahel (YouTube/Lifetime)

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Erin is an Australian single mother who will move to Ohio to marry her 43-year-old criminal love, Michael. She leaves her friends and family behind to get closer to her boyfriend and explore the relationship.

Svea and Joseph
Svéa and Joseph (Youtube/@Lifetime)
‘Prison Brides’ Star Svea Hopes for Early Release for Joseph (YouTube/Lifetime)

Svea, 29, is a German midwife. She met Joseph online, who is currently serving a prison sentence for robbery, assault and possession of a firearm. She is now waiting for Joseph to come out of the bars so that the two of them can live happily together.

Jessica and Craig
Jessica and Craig (Youtube/@Lifetime)
“Prison Brides” Stars Jessica and Craig (YouTube/Lifetime)

Jessica is a true prison wife. She is married to inmate Craig. She thought Craig would be released early. However, things are about to take a bad turn for the couple.

Emma and Curtis
Emma and Curtis (Youtube/@Lifetime)
‘Prison Brides’ Stars Emma and Curtis Plan to Marry (YouTube/Lifetime)

Emma is from England. Having fallen in love with car thief Curtis, Emma leaves her family worried about her future. They have been talking for two and a half years and are now planning to get married.

Andreea and Cage
Andrea and Cage (Youtube/@Lifetime)
‘Prison Brides’ star Andrea fell in love with Cage who is sentenced to a long prison sentence (YouTube/Lifetime)

Andreea is a student from London who fell in love with Cage. Their love story experiences many emotional ups and downs as Cage is sentenced to 50 years in prison for aggravated burglary.

Olivia and K.J.
Olivia and KJ from 'Prison Brides' Fell in Love Just After 3 Days of Talking (Lifetime)
Olivia and KJ from ‘Prison Brides’ Fell in Love Just After 3 Days of Talking (Lifetime)

Olivia is a dance instructor who hopes to one day marry her boyfriend KJ. He proposed to Olivia just three days after the two started talking. It remains to be seen whether they will find a way to keep their relationship alive.

What will “Prison Brides” be about?

“Prison Brides” will follow the story of seven couples mentioned above. Women who fall in love with inmates will push their limits to make their relationship work.

Some will be seen flying to different countries, some will argue with their family to explore love, and some will have emotional and mental difficulties.

Will true love prevail for these star-crossed lovers when the odds are stacked against them? The answer will be revealed towards the end of the season.

“Prison Brides” premieres Wednesday, January 10 at 9:30/8:30 p.m. only on Lifetime.

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