‘Prison Brides’: Step-by-Step Guide for Seven Women Finding Love in Prison

PHOENIX, ARIZONA: “Prison Brides,” an all-new Lifetime series, premieres Wednesday, January 10 at 9:30/8:30c where seven women believe they have found love in the most unexpected place, prison.

The rules for marrying an inmate differ from prison to prison, but the most important thing is a “marriage license application” to obtain permission to marry the prisoner.

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Inmates must obtain the marriage application form and submit it to the prison authorities through Chaplain with all the details. The details involve sending the form to the bride in prison by post and having to fill in details of witnesses and the wedding celebrant. The bride can send the form to the celebrant by mail. The bride or celebrant emails the form to the chaplain for review. The chaplain then reviews the marriage application before sending it to the prison director. Once the formalities have been completed, you must wait for the response.

If permission is granted, the next step is to plan the wedding.

The most important part of a prison wedding is the officiant who can help people get married. Hiring a good celebrant is important.

The marriage requires approximately two witnesses and they must be over 18 years old.

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Finally, a marriage license is required; for example, it can be obtained from the clerk of the court of the state where the marriage will take place. The partner who is not in prison must collect it and bring it to the prison on the day of the wedding.

Technically, both couples must be present to obtain a marriage license, but since one person is behind bars, it can be collected by their partner.

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There are also strict dress codes for prison weddings. It is not permitted to wear jewelry. Only formal attire is permitted for the partner who is not in prison. The dress should cover the shoulders and the neckline should cover the collarbone.

The bride (if not the prisoner) is allowed to wear white and usually a pretty dress or pantsuit can be worn. The same rules apply to witnesses and the celebrant. Only T-shirts without slogans are allowed.

According to the rules, prison teachers may be granted time together after the ritual for a private visit. No official photographer is also allowed for the wedding.

The Lifetime series “Prison Brides” premieres Wednesday, January 10 at 9:30/8:30 p.m. (Youtube/@Lifetime)

What is the new Lifetime series “Prison Brides” about?

The documentary series “The Prison Bride” will feature seven women from around the world who believe they fell in love with prisoners in American prisons. The series will explore how they approach their soulmates in prison.

Most of them starting out as pen pals, these women struggled and found themselves willing to risk everything for the love of their life.

It will feature women traveling from different countries to meet their imprisoned fiancés, husbands or partners for the first time to sort out their lives together.

Couples will face a lot of judgment from relatives and friends. This whole situation will leave brides confused and unsure whether their decision is right or not.

The cast is diverse as it includes seven women from different parts of the world and seven prisoners, Erin (an Australian single mother) and Michael, Svea (a German midwife) Joseph, Jessica and Craig, Emma (UK) and Curtis, Andreea (university student in London), Cage, Olivia (dance teacher based in the UK) and KJ, Gabby (German model) and Jamal.

Panicked Bride in Lifetime Documentary Series “Prison Brides” Ready to Marry a Prisoner (YouTube/@Lifetime)
A panicked bride from the Lifetime documentary series “Prison Brides” is ready to marry a prisoner (YouTube/@Lifetime)

Where can you watch “Prison Brides”?

“Prison Brides,” Lifetime’s new show premieres Wednesday, January 10 at 9:30/8:30c.

Full episodes of this unscripted series can be watched on Lifetime.

Lifetime is an American basic cable channel of A&E Networks, jointly owned by Hearst Communications and The Walt Disney Company.

A Preview of a Prison in America (Youtube/@Lifetime)
A Preview of a Prison in America (Youtube/@Lifetime)

How is the new “Lifetime” documentary series “Prison Brides” different from “Prison Wives Club”?

Lifetime’s new documentary series is about seven women from around the world who fall in love with prisoners in America. Most of them have never met. The women’s uncertainty, panic and excitement at seeing their lovers are the highlight of the show. The women overcame several obstacles, including the understanding of their parents and the harsh judgment of their relatives and friends. It is certainly not easy for a parent to simply entrust their daughters to prisoners.

Prison Wives Club, meanwhile, explores the lives of four women, from different backgrounds, already married to incarcerated men. They are serving a prison sentence ranging from ten years to life. This 2014 series depicts the difficulties and drama of marrying someone who is in prison. With an IMDb rating of 7.1/10, this show was well received by viewers.

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