Reality Star of the Week: The Heartbreaking Reason Tom Nitti Chose His Family Over ‘The Voice’

New Hartford, New York: When Tom Nitti suddenly left ‘The Voice’ Season 24 during the playoff round last month, claiming ‘personal reasons,’ the country singer from Team Reba didn’t provide many details about it Why did they have to leave?

Tom finally talked about the dire condition of the home that led him to make the decision in a December 6 interview with the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

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Tom Nitti suddenly eliminated from ‘The Voice’ season 24 (Instagram/@tomnittimusic)

“It’s always been a dream of mine to pursue music full-time, but I couldn’t do it without a mattress,” said Tom, a New York state trooper and former Airborne Cavalry Scout. In an Afghan mortar attack.

He told me, “As a father, I have to make sure my children will be supported.”

According to Tom, it has always been his dream to perform in front of thousands of people. However, after becoming a father, his aim became to become locally famous and support his community.

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“The biggest misconception is that people think I went into the show knowing I was going to leave the show,” said the father of two young children. ,

“It all happened so quickly, and I needed to make a decision quickly. I chose my family, and I’ll tell you why.”

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The ‘traumatic’ experience forced Tom to leave the show, “not because I missed my children, but because I couldn’t imagine losing them,” he told the newspaper.

He said, “I’m happy with the decision I made, but should it have gotten to that point? Absolutely not.” Even though he left before the program aired live, Tom admitted that he was not prepared for the reaction to his departure during the pre-taped portion of the season.

Tom said, “Until all this happened, I never believed that things were meant to be.” “The most positive thing about my experience on the show was the camaraderie I found among the other singers.”

Tom Nitti missed audition for ‘The Voice’ season 23

Tom Nitti's 'The Voice' debut was long overdue (Instagram/TomNittiMusic)
Tom Nitti’s ‘The Voice’ debut was long overdue (Instagram/@tomnittimusic)

Tom, who was originally scheduled to participate in season 23 of ‘The Voice’, had to postpone his participation for a year due to insufficient notice to the state police. In an interview with the Utica Observer-Dispatch on December 6, he revealed that while pursuing a full-time music career was a long-term goal, his top priority was ensuring the well-being of his children, Raleigh and Brantley.

Is ‘The Voice’ Season 24 Contestant Tom Nitti Married?

Former 'The Voice' season 24 contestant and father of two, Tom Nitti, is meeting fellow singer Ashley Bryant (Instagram/AshleyBryantOfficial)
Former ‘The Voice’ season 24 contestant and father of two, Tom Nitti, is meeting fellow singer Ashley Bryant (Instagram/@ashleybryantofficial)

Tom filed for divorce five months before the season 24 premiere. Tom said that after facing off against Jackie Roar in the Knockout Round, after Reba McEntire saved him from elimination, she asked him what he had done wrong when he looked upset.

“I spilled my guts,” he confessed. “I told her how I had received an email from my lawyers urging me to come to the house because my ex-wife was going after primary custody. “

According to his Instagram posting, Tom might be seeing a fellow singer named Ashley Bryant.

‘The Voice’ Season 24 contestant Tom Nitti releases a new single

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A post shared by Tom Nitti (@tomnittimusic)

Tom released a new original, ‘One Night Stand’, with fellow contestants BIAS and Lennon Vanderdoes earlier this week. BIAS is still on the show, however, as Lennon was eliminated after the playoff round when Gwen Stefani brought him back with a super save.

According to the newspaper, Tom has also written a new song called ‘Redemption Road’ about his journey.

“I hope that one day my kids will be able to see why I did what I did instead of just thinking that I quit,” he said.

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