Reasons why Rose Namajunas shaves his head will make you love him even more


  • Rose Namajunas cut her long hair and had a buzz cut before her fight in 2015.
  • She talked about the pressure women put on themselves to look a certain way but she just wanted to focus on the fight.

UFC fighter Rose Namajunas is well known in the combat sports world for his iconic buzz cut. The cut was the talk of the town when he got it in 2015 Paige had long blonde hair before cutting her UFC Fight Night main event against VanZant

After starting her pro-MMA career in January 2013, Rose Namajunas fought for the inaugural UFC Strawweight Championship against Carla Esparza in December 2014. He lost the bout via submission in the third round. Thug Rose next faced Angela Hill at UFC 192 and defeated her with the same submission in the first round.

However, before her next fight against VanZant on December 10, 2015, she shocked the world by cutting her long blonde hair. He posted the buzz cut on Instagram and wrote, “This isn’t a beauty pageant a fight… getting in my way at practice… cut it out!”

Leading up to his fight night, this was all the media could talk about. He was asked various questions about his cut and each time he had the same answer. Furthermore, VanZant was caught in the crossfire over her appearance and Namajunas had to clear the air about it.

Rose Namajunas cut her hair to focus on the war

Every time Namajunas was asked about his haircut, he explained that it was because of the fight. According to TalkSport, in an interview leading up to Fight Night, he said, “Why not do it to focus on the fight so I don’t have to worry about training, then wash my hair, then blow dry, get everything pretty, do my makeup, then get ready for the interview. And pictures and then have to go back to training and back it up.

“I just want to focus on the fight and get as much as I can, figuratively and literally.”

Rose Namajunas looks serious with her long hair as wide (L) as a buzz cut (R).
Rose Namajunas with her long hair (L) and a buzz cut (R). (Credit: Reddit and MMA Mania)

Further, Rose Namajunas opens up about society and expectations surrounding women. She claims that women put pressure on themselves to look a certain way and that this is unnecessary.

In another interview, he claimed that he never liked haircuts. She even said that she doesn’t know how to do her hair. He’ll just apply “a whole bunch of products to it.” Further, he explained, “It’s definitely like shaking off my past, mentally breaking down my hair as well as physically and tearing it out.”

In his interview with, Namajunas explained that his appearance was not a dig at VanZant. The now OnlyF*ns model was famous for her looks and fighting ability in the UFC in 2015 Fans believed that Namajunas’ new look would negate VanZant’s appeal

Rose Namajunas has never looked back on her iconic buzz-cut look

Rose Namajunas’ buzz has become famous in MMA and beyond. It is no longer just a hairstyle, it represents strength, reality and empowerment. When Namajunas cut her buzz in 2015, it was different from what people typically expect from women in MMA, which often emphasizes toughness. Her haircut wasn’t just about looks; It shows that he was confident and defied the norms of society, as he explained.

He has never looked back at his buzz cut and is still sporting it nearly a decade later in 2024. Since her buzz cut, she has been a two-time UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion. Thug Rose also debuted in the flyweight division in September 2023.

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