“Red Swan” Episode 4 Takeaway: Oh Wan-soo’s family secret revealed poses a threat to one character

Contains spoilers for “Red Swan”

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: In ‘Red Swan’, Episode 4, the tension rises as the intricate web of secrets and betrayals continues to unravel. Directed by Park Hong Kyun and written by Choi Yoon-jung, this South Korean drama captivated audiences with its deep, character-driven story and exceptional performances from its stellar cast, including Rain and Kim Ha-neul.

Episode 3 set the stage for significant developments, revealing hidden agendas and testing key relationships. As secrets began to surface, viewers were drawn into the complex dynamics of loyalty, betrayal and redemption.

Episode 4 promises to delve even deeper into these themes, offering new twists and emotional moments that will further involve the characters in the show’s gripping plot.

Park Mi-ran’s plan to remove Oh Wan-soo from the NOW Foundation backfires in “Red Swan” Episode 4

Photocom of the show
Photocom of the show “Red Swan” (@disney+)

In “Red Swan,” Episode 4, the plot takes a dramatic turn when Oh Wan-soo faces a significant challenge that puts her leadership and personal integrity to the test. Park Mi-ran’s decision to hand over the Now Foundation to someone else sets off a chain of events that quickly escalates.

Mi-ran calls Mr. Han Sang-il to give a resignation speech to Oh Wan-soo, effectively forcing her out of her position as the head of the foundation. This move signals a strategic power play, underscoring the deep rivalries and power struggles within the organization.

Upon receiving the news, Oh Wan-soo takes decisive action by instructing her assistant to spread a rumor about her husband, Kim Yong-guk (Jung Gyu-woon), having an affair with Jang Tae-ra (Ki Eun-sae). That rumor, which involves the vice president of the Hwain Group in a scandalous affair, spreads quickly, causing significant turmoil within the family and the organization.

Tae-ra confronts Wan-soo, demanding an interview to quash the rumors. However, Park Mi-ran decides to keep everyone from the spotlight to soften the blow.

Oh Wan-soo shifts the focus of the scandal to Park Mi-ran in “Red Swan” episode 4

Photocom of the show
Photocom of the show “Red Swan” (@disney+)

In response, Oh Wan-soo calls an emergency meeting to address the rumors. Park Mi-ran, trying to control the situation, keeps Wan-soo preoccupied with a meeting with a minister. However, with the help of Seo Do-yoon, Wan-soo manages to escape and go to the conference.

This turn of events highlights Wan-soo’s resilience and determination to assert her position and control over the story. At the conference, Oh Wan-soo makes a bold and shocking confession. She denies the rumors of Kim Yong-guk’s affair with Jang Tae-ra and their supposed secret child.

Instead, she reveals that the child belongs to the late Honorary Chairman Kim duo (Jo Won-hee), her father-in-law. This revelation not only deflects the scandal from her husband but also shifts the focus to a more explosive and controversial issue.

The confession leaves Park Mi-ran in a state of panic as she observes the conference and realizes the implications of Wan-soo’s statement. The entire Hwan family is thrown into disarray, grappling with the fallout from Wan-soo’s strategic revelation.

‘Red Swan’ is available for streaming on Disney+

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