“RHODubai”: Taleen Marie slams Caroline Brooks for jeopardizing her friendship with Caroline Stanbury

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: The cast of “Real Housewives of Dubai” season 2 recently got into a heated discussion during an Iftar party. Bravo show newbie Taleen Marie confronted her BFF Caroline Brooks after she claimed Caroline Stanbury was talking about her.

However, Marie revealed to the group that she called Stanbury before Brooks and she specifically denied bad-mouthing her. Marie slammed Brooks for trying to sabotage her friendship with Stanbury and said, “Don’t call me and say she’s talking sh**t about me.” Brooks insisted it was just her “opinion”, with Marie replying, “Isn’t that stirring the pot a bit?”

Brooks snapped back, “You told me literally, if anyone ever says anything about me, tell me.” Marie was left even more furious over Brooks and asked, “Can you ever take responsibility for anything?” Marie added, “For someone who cares so much about their peace and their recovery, you can be very hurtful. So why don’t you take a step back and actually listen to your friend?”

Caroline Stanbury has slammed Sara Al Madani for supporting Caroline Brooks

Sara Al Madani tried to fix Caroline Brooks and Taleen Marie’s feud but was slammed by Caroline Stanbury and dubbed “The Brooks whisper”. Brooks was at a loss for words and Al Madani interrupted and clarified Brooks’ statements. However, Stanbury was left furious because she wanted to listen to Brooks’ side. She asked Al Madani to “shut up” and noted, “Sarah you speak for her.” She added, “It’s like, come on, Brooks … This is what you mean Brooks.”

Stanbury further suggested, “I would like you to let her speak for herself for a minute and have her own opinion.” The star of the Bravo show shared in the confessional, “I can’t figure out what it is that Brooks did to Sarah that makes her come back blindly.” Stanbury then called Al Madani a “hypocrite” for supporting Brooks.

Caroline Stanbury criticized Sara Al Madani for supporting Caroline Brooks (YouTube/@bravo)
Caroline Stanbury criticized Sara Al Madani for supporting Caroline Brooks (YouTube/@bravo)

Taleen Marie slams Caroline Brooks to deflect drama

“RHODubai” Season 2 newbie Taleen Marie was left fuming after Caroline Brooks diverted their topic to Sara Al Madani and Lesa Milan’s drama. Marie slammed Brooks in the confessional and noted, “Brooks knows exactly what she’s doing.”

Marie further noted, “She’s deflected the whole thing so no one is talking about our issue that happened. Everyone is now talking about ‘Are things okay at Lesa’s house.'” The Bravos show star added, “Brooks is very good about it and she did it again.”

Taleen Marie in
Taleen Marie slams Caroline Brooks for deflecting drama (@bravo)

“Real Housewives of Dubai” Season 2 premieres Tuesdays at 9:00 PM ET on Bravo. Fans can also catch the new episodes on Peacock the next day.

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