‘RHOP’ Star Mia Thornton Slams Former BFF Jacqueline Blake as SA Survivor Event Proves ‘Triggering’

POTOMAC, MARYLAND: Karen Huger welcomed the cast of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” to her PAVE event to help survivors of sexual and domestic violence on the Jan. 14 episode. However, things took a dark turn when Mia Thornton revealed she had been a victim at the hands of her former best friend, Jacqueline Blake’s boyfriend.

Mia told her co-star Ashley Darby that it was hard for her to attend the PAVE event because it was really triggering for her.

RHOP's Mia Thornton accuses Jacqueline Blake of 'leaving' her the night of her alleged assault (Instagram/thejacquelineblake/mrsmiathornton)
RHOP’s Mia Thornton accuses Jacqueline Blake of ‘leaving’ her the night of her alleged assault (Instagram/thejacquelineblake/mrsmiathornton)

She goes on to explain: “Unfortunately, that day I couldn’t go out.”

She said her relationship with Jacqueline had always been contentious since “she left me there.” She said she had been “a fucking friend to her, because of that.”

Even though Mia thinks it’s unfair to Jacqueline since she couldn’t have predicted the unexpected, she trusted her then-boyfriend.

“Because Jacqueline left me that night, and because of the sequence of events that happened after she left… I think about the years I wanted to forgive her.”

The two had been friends since they were fifteen. Mia admits that she has always been meaner to Jacqueline “because” of the incident.

Did Jacqueline Blake meet Mia Thornton’s ex-husband?

Things took a turn for the worse between the two as they headed to Mexico for a ladies’ getaway after they disagreed on parenting during the flight. Mia accused Jacqueline of not taking enough care of her children, who were “eating all her food” at the time, and the parental conflict escalated from there.

Jaqueline said it “takes a village to take care of children, but Mia doesn’t know that,” speaking to Mia, whose mother was imprisoned throughout her youth.

The two later attempted to reconcile, but another disagreement arose and Mia used NeNe Leakes’ “shut your legs to married men” statement against her friend of over 30 years. The accusation was particularly damaging because it was suspected that Jacqueline slept with Mia’s husband, Gordon.

“She just has a little tension, I think she needs more shit,” Jacqueline said.

“You want to go there ?” Mia said, “You want to talk about all your bullshit?” “Alright, well, keep your legs closed to married men, bitch!” Mia grumbled.

“I’ve been fighting for you my whole fucking life,” an enraged Jacqueline said, declaring that their friendship had ended. “You’re screwed! I would never sleep with your husband! I would never do that to you!”

Later, after some drawings from the other females, the two sat down, but things went wrong again.

“What happened was unacceptable,” Jacqueline said. “By saying you don’t have any friends, I understand you were upset, but to put him on his level and make an accusation? I felt like you were insinuating Gordon, and I was like, ‘Until ‘where are you going ?’ This?’ I feel like you were insinuating lies.

“What was the lie?” » » asked Mia. “I specifically ask: tell me, what was the lie? Jacqueline, own it, it’s good. Own the shit.

Where is ‘RHOP’ friend Jacqueline Blake now?

During the After Show, Mia admits that she and Jacqueline talk all the time after having problems with their friendship last season. Mia explains that Jacqueline has been very helpful with the children and is even close friends with Mia’s current boyfriend, who Mia previously dated.

What is ‘RHOP’ Friend Jacqueline Blake Doing?

Jacqueline is a rising star, both personally and professionally. Many people recognize her from the seventh season of “RHOP,” but she used her years of experience in human resources for the United States government to launch her own human resources consulting company, Ava & Blakely Enterprises , in 2019, where she assists small black businesses. and minority-owned government businesses in developing their HR structure and strategy.

Season 8 of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” airs on Bravo every Sunday at 8 p.m.

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