‘RHOSLC’ Season 4 Fans Support Lisa Barlow as She Applauds Monica Garcia for Spreading ‘Lies’

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: The Season 4 finale of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” was an explosive episode with all of the Bravo stars turned against Monica Garcia. The franchise newbie admitted to creating a fake social media account.

Monica used the Reality Von Tease Instagram page to reveal insider secrets about the “RHOSLC” cast members. The page was dedicated to “destroying and exposing Jen Shah,” but then she started trolling other stars.

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However, Monica and Lisa Barlow are apparently involved in an online feud. Lisa recently took to her social media and slammed Monica for allegedly spreading “lies.”

She wrote: “And you can’t be a gossip girl when all you do is spread lies.” Monica responded to Lisa’s accusation and noted, “@lisabarlow14 Ouch. How embarrassing for you. Let me help you.”

She added: “Next time, maybe Google some definitions so you don’t sound so stupid. Gossip: ‘casual or unforced conversation or reporting about other people, usually involving details that are not not confirmed to be true.'”

Giving an example of the definition she shared, Monica concluded: “‘He has become the subject of many local gossips’ Xoxo, Gossip Girl #staypressedandstressedbabygorgeous.” She then shared Lisa and her comment on her Instagram Stories and wrote: “I’m not messing around today.”

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However, the Bravo show newcomer didn’t receive the expected response online, as social media users called her out and supported Lisa instead.

As a screenshot of Monica’s story was shared on Instagram, one person commented: “I actually don’t like Monica at all. She’s not housewife material. Can -be Bad Girls Club material?” Another person added: “Monica is trying so hard, it’s really embarrassing.”

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Another reviewer noted, “I prefer Jen Shah over her.” » A fourth person said: “Monica is trying way too hard. Like you came on TV with all these skeletons. I just can’t. She seems very self-centered to me. I just can’t. to like.”

Another Instagram user called out Bravo, writing: “Monika needs to be fired. She has crossed the line and it is extremely unhealthy. If you are a cyberbully spreading lies you need to go. Bravo, show some respect ‘integrity !”

Another viewer noted, “Rereading this comment makes my Monica make me hate her even more. I think at this point she should stay quiet and create another burner account to hide behind.”

Lisa Barlow and Monica Garcia get involved in a social media rant (Instagram/@monicanikigarcia)
Lisa Barlow and Monica Garcia are involved in a social media feud (@monicanikigarcia/Instagram)

Lisa Barlow and Monica Garcia’s heated exchange on the ‘RHOSLC’ season 4 reunion

The “RHOSLC” Season 4 reunion resulted in an explosive argument between Lisa Barlow and Monica Garcia. In the teaser, Bravo host Andy Cohen told Monica, “You’ve been accused of being a troll account.”

He added: “You acknowledge that you hurt them all.” As the cast reflected on Monica’s troll social media account, things got ugly between the newbie and Lisa.

Monica told Lisa, “You’re a jealous, bitter bitch.” Lisa fired back: “You’re a mother of four, why are you driving past Jen Shah’s house.”

Lisa was apparently referring to Monica’s alleged harassment of Shah’s house. In a recent video shared by Tenesha, Monica’s ex-friend called out the Bravo newcomer and claimed she was also trying to find Heather’s address.

However, in the teaser, Lisa’s reference to her children angered the newbie and she told the reality star: “Keep my kids out of your fucking mouth.”

'RHOSLC' Season 4 features Lisa Barlow and Monica Garcia involved in an explosive brawl (YouTube/@bravo)
‘RHOSLC’ Season 4 stars Lisa Barlow and Monica Garcia were involved in an explosive fight (@bravo/YouTube)

Monica Garcia accused of stealing Lisa Barlow’s $60,000 ring

“RHOSLC” Season 4 star Lisa Barlow’s $60,000 diamond ring has gone missing from an airport restroom. Even though the reality star hasn’t figured out who stole her ring, viewers are convinced Monica Garcia was behind the theft.

In the Bravo show’s finale, Meredith Marks recalled the time Jen Shah and her crew stole a purse from her store. Security footage appeared on screen and revealed that Monica was in the store that day, although she told Meredith that she had never been to her store.

However, social media users claimed that Monica stole Lisa’s ring. One viewer tweeted: “So if Monica stole the purse, did she steal the 60k ring?”

Another person added: “You can’t tell me Monica didn’t steal that ring now btw.” Another reviewer noted, “There’s no way Monica won’t steal that ring.”

So if Monica stole the purse, did she steal the $60,000 ring? #RHOSLC

— Tanya Martin (@tanyaortonya) January 3, 2024

You can’t tell me Monica didn’t steal that ring now, btw 😂😂 #RHOSLC

– Queen of the bread basket (@_letsholdhands) January 3, 2024

There’s no way Monica won’t steal that ring #RHOSLC

— Crystal Lyte (@LyteCrystal) January 3, 2024

Another user said: “Monica probably stole Lisa’s ring,” while a fifth person tweeted: “At this rate, Monica might as well have stolen Lisa’s ring too…”

Monica probably stole Lisa’s ring 🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️ #RHOSLC

— The Sand Dune (@VonNightHawk) January 3, 2024

At this rate, Monica might as well have stolen Lisa’s ring… 👀🤔 #RHOSLC @LisaBarlow7

— Rachel (@RachelThana) January 3, 2024

‘RHOSLC’ Season 4 Star Lisa Barlow Calls Monica Garcia a ‘Loser’

In the Season 4 finale of “RHOSLC,” Monica Garcia’s Bravo co-stars confronted her about her fake social media account. During the heated argument, Lisa Barlow started yelling at Monica, but she pushed the reality star away and called her a “stupid bitch.”

Lisa yelled at the Bravo show newbie, “Monica, at the end of the day, what do we believe right now? Because you trolled every single one of us.” However, after Monica admitted to recording videos of Jen Shah and posting them on the account, Lisa called her a “loser.”

Monica then fired back at Lisa and said: “Fuck you, you stupid old f***er, rubbery leather bitch, Donald Trump, shut the fuck up.”

Lisa Barlow (Instagram/@lisabarlow24)
Lisa Barlow called Monica a loser (@lisabarlow24/Instagram)

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” Season 4 premiere premieres Tuesday, January 9 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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