‘RHOSLC’ Season 4 Reunion: Monica Garcia Says Her Mom, Linda Darnell, Is Praying To Be On The Bravo Show

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: Linda Darnell, Monica Garcia’s mother, always wanted to be on the big screen and she also left everything, including her daughter, to pursue a career in television. However, Linda’s dream came true after she landed a series of supporting roles in Season 4 of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” without even officially applying for it.

During part two of the “RHOSLC” Season 4 reunion, Bravo show cast members Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow, Whitney Rose and Angie Katsanevas discussed Monica and Linda’s tumultuous relationship and noted how much the reality star’s mother had impressed them. Whitney then chimed in, saying Linda always looked like she wanted to be in Monica’s place.

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However, Bravo show host Andy Cohen was also curious about it and said, “I was just going to say that someone who left their 12-year-old to pursue a career in television. You think your mother was more auditioning to be a housewife.

Monica recalled the moment her mother shared her desire to go on the Bravo show. Monica said: “When I applied to be on the show…I did my last interview…The first place I went was to my mom’s house and I laid on her couch and I I cried.”

Monica was nervous about her interview and her mother suggested she say a prayer. Monica remembers, “And my mother said, let’s say a prayer, and then she prayed that she would receive it instead.”

The Bravo stars and host were left stunned after Monica revealed her mother prayed to be cast on the show. Monica added: “She literally said: God, if it’s not Monica, let it be me somehow, let it be me instead.”

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Linda Darnell, Monica Garcia's mother, wanted to participate in season 4 of
Linda Darnell, Monica Garcia’s mother, wanted to participate in season 4 of “RHOSLC” (YouTube/@brvao)

Linda Darnell claims Monica Garcia ‘begged’ her to go on ‘RHOSLC’

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“RHOSLC” Season 4 star Monica Garcia and her mother Linda Darnell have had a rocky relationship that viewers witnessed on the Bravo show. The mother-daughter duo had an explosive argument at Angie Katsanevas’ house and Monica accused Linda of just wanting to get viewers’ attention.

However, Linda used her X account (formerly Twitter) to debunk her daughter Monica’s accusations. Linda claims Monica “begged” her to star on the Bravo series and she never wanted to. Monica’s mother added in the tweet: “She told me all I had to do was cook and speak Portuguese. How did she return the favor? She made me dirty.”

Linda added: “Meanwhile, I would never compete with my only child – unless it was sport.” She added: “I’m too smart to try and take on Monica, she would chew me up and spit me out.”

Linda also responded to Monica’s accusation that her mother abandoned her and claimed that she always put her daughter’s needs before her own. She explained, “I’m not a perfect human but I *am* a devoted mother and Vóvó. God bless us all.”

Linda, Monica Garcia's mother, criticized her (Twitter/@ld_millionaire)
Linda, Monica Garcia’s mother, criticized her (Twitter/@ld_millionaire)

Monica Garcia accuses Linda Darnell of calling her relatives in Bermuda to cancel ‘RHOSLC’ filming

During the “RHOSLC” season 4 cast trip to Bermuda, Monica Garcia was delighted to meet her loved ones on her birthday. However, she received a call revealing that her Bermudian relatives had canceled her meeting and filming of the Bravo show.

Monica was devastated and rushed to the bathroom in tears and claimed her mother, Linda Darnell, had called her relatives and asked them to cancel. During Bravo’s Reunion Part 2, video footage showed the broken relationship between Monica and her mother Linda.

Monica was asked if she reached out to find out exactly why her family canceled. The reality star revealed she hasn’t spoken to her mother “since filming finished” and her family suddenly not wanting to meet her in Bermuda is still an “unsolved mystery”.

The reality star explained the incident: “My mom had messaged production before we all went to Bermuda, and she said, ‘I want to go.’ However, production on the Bravo show reportedly told Linda “no” to come to Bermuda and “she was very, very upset.”

Monica explained: “She felt like I was the one who should be there, the family remembers me the most.” Linda then “had a huge meltdown”, leading Monica to suspect that she would make contact with the family she was hoping to meet in Bermuda. She added: “I was like she did that because she was angry that she couldn’t come.”

“RHOSLC”, season 4, Monica Garcia criticizes her mother Linda Darnell (well done)

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” Season 4 Part 3 premieres Tuesday, January 23 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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