‘Rip Priced Garbage’: ‘Shark Tank’ Fans Slam Fishwife’s ‘Horribly Overrated’ $84 Canned Fish

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Becca Millstein and Caroline Goldfarb founded Fishwife in 2020 and sells a selection of ethically sourced canned fish online and through various retail outlets. However, viewers couldn’t help but criticize the company for its expensive products when the product debuted on “Shark Tank.”

Anyone interested in eating Fishwife canned seafood after watching it on “Shark Tank” can start by visiting the company’s website at eatfishwife.com. On the site’s home page, anyone entering their email address with the code “SHARKTANK10” will benefit from a 10% discount on their first order.

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There is also a Shark Tank bundle, which costs $84. This includes eight jars of Fishwife canned fish.

There are a few additional alternatives. There is a Spicy Hot Trio package for $36. The Classic Snoky Trio costs $33. Canned fish service costs $140. This is just the beginning ; there are different options for packs and even souvenirs like hats and t-shirts to help promote the business. You can buy individual packets on Amazon.

On Another user added: “The @Fishwife product is trash at rip-off prices. Just buy your own smoked salmon and chili crisp.”

Yes, they are horribly overrated and expensive. $84 for 1.73 ounce cans? No thanks @fishwife #SharkTank

— Crypto Fraud Tracker (@GrosPor95803445) January 13, 2024

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@Fishwife product is trash at rip-off prices. Just buy your own smoked salmon and chili crisp. @ABCSharkTank #SharkTank

— Crypto Fraud Tracker (@GrosPor95803445) January 13, 2024

One joked: “Homemade sardines? Really ? While a fourth person noted: “I don’t know, the name ‘fishwife’ for a business is a strange name, even if it’s canned fish.”

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Homemade sardines? Really?#sharktank

—W. G. Snuffy, Esq. 🇺🇸 (@iamthedriving) January 13, 2024

#sharktank I don’t know, the name “fishwife” for a business is a weird name even if it’s for canned fish pic.twitter.com/7rZTmBXZon

– ❌❌ (@roe_asozial) January 13, 2024

When was Fishwife created?

The popularity of canned fish increased at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people sought healthy, shelf-stable foods. Becca and Caroline, co-founders of Fishwife, were two of those clients while quarantining in Los Angeles.

During a hike in early 2020, the couple found that no American company was meeting the demands of this emerging market. They chose to fill the void by committing to ethical sourcing.

Fishwife in season 15 of “Shark Tank” (ABC/ChristopherWillard)
Fishwife in season 15 of “Shark Tank” (ABC/ChristopherWillard)

How did Fishwife get her name?

Becca and Caroline called their business Fishwife, after the 16th century word for the wives and daughters of fishermen who accompanied them to market. The couple also wanted to honor their own canned fish-loving ancestors.

Becca’s grandmother enjoyed cheap meals in 1930s Brooklyn, and Caroline’s Iranian mother passionately prepared sardines and tuna.

Fishwife in season 15 of “Shark Tank” (ABC/ChristopherWillard)
Fishwife in season 15 of “Shark Tank” (ABC/ChristopherWillard)

Fishwife’s excellent ratings are reflected in its strong sales

The billion-dollar industry producing canned tuna and other canned fish products has grown rapidly in recent years, and Fishwife is undoubtedly making a significant contribution to it. Although she wouldn’t disclose the precise monetary figure, Becca told the Associated Press that Fishwife’s annual revenue increased by about 250% between 2021 and 2022 and that sales continue to increase.

Fishwife Goods has received rave reviews, highlighting the brand’s attention to quality and sustainability; However, a few social media users questioned the company about its high costs.

Fishwife’s income will undoubtedly increase due to the exposure associated with her appearance on the show. Becca and Caroline are aware of the benefits, as the company began selling a “Shark Tank” package after publicizing the show on their TikTok page.

Fishwife in season 15 of “Shark Tank” (ABC/ChristopherWillard)
Fishwife in season 15 of “Shark Tank” (ABC/ChristopherWillard)

Season 15 of “Shark Tank” airs Fridays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

For those who miss the episode, it will be available on demand the next day and on Hulu. Additionally, viewers can explore past seasons and episodes on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

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