Rob Lowe, 60, shows off his incredible physique on a California boat trip

Rob Lowe still has it.

The “9-1-1: Lone Star” actor, 60, showed off his toned body while spending the holiday weekend with his family on his son Matt’s boat in Santa Barbara, Calif., on Saturday.

Lowe was photographed wearing a pair of swimming trunks as he soaked up the sun while shirtless and even went for a dip in the water.

The actor also shared a special Fourth of July selfie on Instagram on Thursday.

“Happy 4th! God bless America!” he captioned the picture of himself posing in front of a bunch of roses gathered to represent the American flag.

Lowe opened up about his fit and healthy lifestyle in February revealing that he chooses to focus on sustainable and thoughtful choices rather than fads or highly restrictive diets.

“I try to be even more disciplined now that I’m older just because when you get older you have to watch what you eat even more than when you were younger,” Lowe told People at the time.

“So I tried to cut out sugar completely as my New Year’s resolution. And now I’m thinking, okay, that’s not sustainable for me, but how do I really watch my sugar intake?”

The “St. Elmo’s Fire” star also expressed his concerns about weight loss fads like Ozempic, saying he’s worried about the effect the drug will have on people.

“I see people taking all the new weight loss drugs and that’s great, and it’s really changed their lives. But my concern is always, ‘Okay, now what?’” Lowe said.

“What’s the plan for the longevity of it all?” he asked himself.

Other stars have also shared their skepticism about the weight loss drug when considering the number of people who have experienced serious side effects.

Lowe also proudly showed off his body in a shirtless selfie last year that he posted on Instagram as he celebrated 33 years of sobriety.

“33 years ago today I found recovery and a tribe that supported me on my incredible, grateful journey,” he captioned the post. “My life is full of love, family, God, opportunity, friends, work, dogs and fun.”

“If you or someone you know is struggling with some form of addiction: hope and joy await if you’re willing and ready to work for it!” he closed.

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