Rockets Trade Rumors Rekindle as Kevin Durant and Jabari Smith Jr.’s Old Training Video reappears


  • An old video of Kevin Durant working out with Jabari Smith Jr has resurfaced the internet, igniting Rockets trade rumors.
  • Smith believes CD has had a big impact on his game.

Kevin Durant has dedicated his entire life to the sport of basketball and we all know how important it was to him. Shortly after his finals exit, KD was spotted attempting fake jump shots while in a nightclub. It seems like the grind never stops for the 14x NBA All-Star. But that is the key to maintaining great shape all year round, which also duly affects the team’s performance.

Recently, KD has been linked to trade rumors involving the Houston Rockets. Sources believe the Rockets will likely acquire the Phoenix Suns’ picks from the Brooklyn Nets and use those to convince the Suns to give them CD. Although this business has not received any traction, there is definitely a possibility of it happening.

Some fans caught on to the idea after an old video of Durant working out with Jabari Smith Jr resurfaced on the internet. One fan said, “Kevin Durant to the Houston Rockets confirmed.” Another fan simply appreciated Durant’s flawless movement saying, “KD is really just different, his movement is unparalleled.” Whether Durant finds himself in Houston before retiring or not, he certainly had a lot of impact on Smith’s career.

Jabari Smith Jr believes he resembles Kevin Durant’s game

Kevin Durant has inspired several young big men in the league based on his ability to perform as a guard despite being nearly seven feet tall. The 2x NBA Champion is widely regarded as one of the best shooters and scorers to ever step onto a basketball court.

Jabari Smith Jr also believes Durant has had some impact on his game. Smith said after the training, “I would say CD [has had a lot of impact on him]. It was mutual stuff with other people, but that was my first time actually talking to him, having a conversation, working with him and just being around him.”

Smith is two seasons into his career and the 21-year-old is still finding his way up the ladder. During his second season, the Rockets forward averaged 13.7 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 1.6 assists per game as the team’s fourth option. The former Auburn star still has a few years to go before entering his prime.

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