Ryan Seacrest Makes Surprise ‘Live’ Return — And Reveals ‘New Love’ In His Life

It came!

Ryan Seacrest made a surprise return to ‘Live’ on Monday to help kick off the program’s iconic “Love Week.” She also revealed to former co-host Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, that she has a new love in her life.

“Speaking of love life, any new additions to your family you’d like to talk to us about?” Ripa, 53, probed, before adding: “New love in your life?”

Seacrest, who appeared on the talk show to promote the upcoming season 22 of “American Idol,” confirmed that he did.

“Yes,” replied Seacrest, 49, who recently adopted a puppy.

“We have a new puppy called Olio,” laughed Seacrest as Ripa and Consuelos, 52, both cooed as they were shown a photo of the Labrador retriever.

“Is that an Italian dog?” Consuelos joked, prompting Seacrest to laugh.

“Yes, it is,” Seacrest, who has been dating girlfriend Aubrey Page since 2021, replied. “He likes marinara and is named after olive oil.”

“Now Georgia,” Consuelos asked, referring to Seacrest’s other dog. “What does Georgia think of this new addition?”

Seacrest noted: “Georgia rolled her eyes for a few months and now she’s close.”

Earlier this month, the incoming “Wheel of Fortune” host announced via Instagram that she had adopted Oleo.

“Your regular reminder of how much I love EVOO,” Seacrest wrote, using the abbreviation for extra virgin olive oil. “Introducing our newest family member – Olio!”

Monday’s drop-by marks the second time Seacrest has appeared on “Live with Kelly & Mark” since its April 2023 departure.

“This is something that [Kelly] And I’ve been talking for a long time, and it was a tough, tough decision,” Seacrest said in February 2023. “Last year we talked, and I made the decision to make this my last season as a co-host.”

On Monday, Seacrest seemed to settle back into his old hosting ways by quizzing Ripa and the “Riverdale” alum about their recent tropical vacation.

“We’re not going to do that where you try to do an interview,” Ripa said.

She continued to tease that Seacrest looked taller these days.

“I will tell you a secret. I’m watching the show. You guys are great,” said the “American Idol” host. “This has a real future. You’re going to make it. And I consider the shoes you wear with these heels.”

“I measured it on the screen. I wanted to come with some real power, Mark,” he added.

The two men then stood up and engaged in a competition to see who was the biggest heel.

“Why do either of you think you’re wearing heels?” Ripa asked confused.

“I can barely walk in these things,” Seacrest lamented. “My feet hurt at the end of the day.”

“It just looks like a shoe with a bottom on top,” Ripa said. “I wear heels!”

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