Shaquille O’Neal reveals a hilarious story about his statue in China and Stephon Marbury

Shaquille O’Neal recently discussed a funny incident involving Stephon Marbury in China. Most of the basketball community will know that Shaq is a 4x NBA champion and widely considered by many to be the most dominant and unstoppable force in the history of the league.

During his career, Shaq generated a lot of fame and attention on a global scale. As a result, his interactions abroad with Chinese fans were highly appreciated by his admirer. O’Neal discussed his feelings on receiving a relatively rare honor and his thoughts much later.

Shaquille O’Neal on his feelings after being honored with a statue in China

Making a statue is a rare honor that most NBA players never experience in their lifetime. It is even rarer to have a statue outside of the United States. Shaq assumed as much when being informed that a statue of him would be built in China.

O’Neal was stunned at the time. However, he belatedly realized that his statue was nothing compared to the one built for Stephon Marbury. Here’s what Shaq had to say about making that realization.

I never had a problem there. old school 16th-17th-18th century honor. I remember one time I was terminated because… I thought I was the man. I had a statue but my statue was in another part of town. I ride one day, I kind of know I have a statue here. They’re like no that’s the Stephon Marbury statue. This man has a 100 foot statue…”

Shaq was then asked about his own thoughts on getting a statue, “I don’t even know. The craziest thing was that I never even asked for it. I just went there just doing my thing and they’re like we have a surprise for you… Anyway they did a ceremony, revealed that thing. I was like I don’t believe I have a statue in China ….”

Considering that Shaquille O’Neal is an NBA legend, fans can certainly understand why he was honored with a statue overseas. However, many must also wonder what Marbury did to receive a significantly larger statue compared to Shaq’s.

Stephon Marbury played in China and is currently the head coach

It turns out that Stephon Marbury is one of the many NBA players who went overseas to finish his career. Stephon was in the NBA for 12 seasons and was a solid star. He averaged 19.2 points and 7.6 assists while being listed as a 6’2 point guard.

In 2010, Marbury entered the Chinese Basketball League and played for several teams such as the Beijing Ducks, Foshan Dralions, and Beijing Fly Dragons. He established his dominance and made his skills clear abroad. Even after his playing career came to an end, Marbury became a coach of the Beijing Royal Fighters.

Because Stephon spent much more time in China and helped the sport grow in a more direct method, he was rewarded with a 100-foot statue. Some fans might wonder how big a statue would be for Shaquille O’Neal if he spent part of his career in China.

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