‘Shark Tank’ fans criticize Pick-Up Brick founders for removing Suck It from ‘The Office’

Los Angeles, California: Pick-Up Bricks was one of the companies vying for the ‘Shark Tank’ panel’s nod on the December 8 episode. The company, like many of its predecessors, including ‘Shark Tank’ Season 13’s Handy Pan, is built on the same core product.

Pick-Up Bricks’ main offering is a vacuum designed for kids, specifically designed to help and inspire youngsters to clean up Lego pieces from the floor.

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For avid ‘Shark Tank’ viewers, the remarkable connection between the product and ‘The Office’s’ David Wallace’s ‘Suck It’ proposal is obvious.

The founders of Pick-Up Brick pitch their product on ‘Shark Tank’ Season 15 (ABC/ChristopherWillard).

On the show, David, played by Andy Buckley, came up with a product concept in the episode ‘Sabre’. It’s a toy vacuum that sucks up toys and teaches youngsters how to clean up after themselves.

David reveals during a fundraiser dinner in the episode ‘Fundraiser’ that the United States Army has acquired the patent for the device for $20 million.

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A presentation on the office’s website shows how David made Suck It versatile for a variety of tasks, including cleaning up radioactive and nuclear waste.

In this way the US Army can use it.

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He also wrote a song for Suck It called ‘Suck It’.

Aurora Weinstock and her brother-in-law, Steven Weinstock, conceived the idea of ​​Pick-Up Bricks while brainstorming ways to encourage their children to clean up Legos and other small objects after playtime.

The universal experience of discomfort from stepping barefoot on Lego is well known to anyone who has ever built the popular toy.

The Pick-Up Brix isn’t just a vacuum that kids can use; With its simplicity of use and toy-like design, this is a toy that kids will ideally be eager to incorporate into their LEGO-building activities.

On Facebook, fans wrote, “They trashed David Wallace’s ‘Suck It.’ The Office Season 6: Episode 15.” While one quipped, “And he didn’t even make a vacuum-sucking sound.”

On Reddit, some people took a dig at the company, saying, “Yay, another stolen idea…they made it suck.”

While another said, “These guys actually made that toy that David made on The Office.”

On X, one user tweeted, “Pick Up Bricks is a big joke on Suck It.” While another asked, “Pick up Bricks on tonight’s @ABCSharkTank from David Wallace/The Office just gotta suck it, no?”

Pick Up Bricks is a cheat of Suck It. #SharkTank pic.twitter.com/uKLJTetE6l

– Holly Jolly Golightly 🎅♡🤶 (@2MeURPurfect) December 9, 2023

Pick Up Bricks on tonight’s @ABCSharkTank From David Wallace/The Office Just suck it up, no?

– Joey Barely (@joey_barely) December 9, 2023

Pick-up Bricks got recognition after going viral on TikTok

The initial popularity of Pick-Up Bricks originated from a mother blogger’s TikTok account, which featured the product.

In January, Latriz Atkins published a 14-second video demonstrating the original operation of the Pick-Up Bricks, accompanied by the Harry Styles song ‘As It Was’.

Her account often promotes so-called “motherhood life hacks” and on-screen text introduces purchases as “Amazon searches.”

Presumably, Latriz discovered the product through an online search and after purchasing one, she felt it was valuable enough to share with her followers.

Latriz’s video received over 90,000 likes and over 500 comments, exposing the Pick-Up Brix vacuum to a wider audience than traditional advertising.

@reeselaa #amazonfind This LEGO vacuum is a game changer! #LEGO #LEGOVacuum ♬ As It Was – Preparation

Pick-Up Bricks offers accessories and replacement parts for its Lego builders

Pick-Up Brix is ​​committed to providing items at affordable prices, with its vacuum priced at $99. Additionally, the company frequently runs promotions and discounts, an example of which is their Christmas sale, which offers a generous 30% discount on their products.

Pick-Up Bricks also sells accessories and replacement components, demonstrating their dedication to the consistency and durability of their products.

Customers have the option to purchase individual components, such as a hose for $10 and a charger for $15. This approach ensures that minor defects or breakages do not require purchasing a completely new product, increasing the overall value and practicality of their offering.

Pick-Up Bricks Makes His 'Shark Tank' Debut With Season 15's Holiday Special (Instagram/PickupBricks)
Pick-Up Bricks made his Shark Tank debut with the Season 15 Holiday Special (Instagram/Pick-upBricks).

Pick-up Bricks made their TV debut before ‘Shark Tank’

After Latriz’s TikTok video featuring the Pick-Up Brix vacuum went viral, multiple media outlets featured the video and its trending status. A notable example is The Today Show blog, which interviewed Latridge about her relationship with the product.

Possibly influenced by this segment, a March episode of ‘The Today Show’ featured a brief demonstration of pick-up bricks.

Initially met with skepticism by some members of the Today panel, the device piqued the interest of the two anchors after seeing it in action, prompting them to stand up from their chairs to take a closer look.

So ‘Shark Tank’ isn’t the first TV show to feature pick-up bricks.

Damon John tries out pickup bricks on 'Shark Tank' (Instagram/pickupbricks)
Damon John tries out pickup bricks on ‘Shark Tank’ (Instagram/pickupbricks)

‘Shark Tank’ season 15 airs Fridays at 8pm ET on ABC.

For those who missed the episode, it will be available the next day and on demand on Hulu. Additionally, viewers can watch previous seasons and episodes on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

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