Shure overload? Fans Have a Field Day Over Overuse of ‘F-bombs’ in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 3

KINGSTOWN, MICHIGAN: Season 3 of Paramount+’s “Mayor of Kingstown” intensifies with each new episode, as does the use of profanity.

In “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3, a pivotal plot emerges when a new alliance is formed between the opponents of Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner).

That alliance, with its potential for chaos and disorder, threatens to destabilize the delicate balance of power in Kingstown.

With the chaos intensifying, characters in “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 used swear words frequently.

Fans are also quick to notice this change in language, with many sharing their views on the increased use of profanity.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 3 draws fan criticism for excessive ‘F-bombs’

Robert Sawyer's reckless behavior endangers Mike McLusky in
Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky and Hamish Allan-Headley as Robert Sawyer in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ still (@paramount+)

Fans took to Reddit to discuss the show’s use of F-bombs, with many expressing negative opinions about the increased frequency of profanity.

Reddit title, ‘The show is pretty good, but I have one complaint. How many “f***s” do you really need?’ sparked discussion among fans regarding the show’s use of F-bombs.

One fan wrote on Reddit, “I’m not one to get offended by profanity, damn look at my comment history but my god I’ve never heard more forced “f***s” in my entire life. You f** ***g don’t f*****g add 20 f***s to every motherf*****g sentence you f**k.”

The fan added, “It’s like deliberately trying to break a record or something but it sounds so forced and unnatural. I love my swear words but come on if I have to hear the word ‘f**k’ one more time that word will lose its full meaning lol Sorry.

Many fans responded to this Reddit post, echoing the sentiment of the original post and expressing frustration with the overuse of “F-bombs” on the show.

One fan wrote on Reddit, “At this point I just laugh whenever I hear it. Like a game of how many f***s can they fit in the line. It’s over the top no doubt but it’s kind of funny.”

Another fan humorously responded on Reddit, “I paused a scene during the last episode and asked my friend who was watching with me to count how many ‘f***s’ there were in that one scene. One minute scene, 16 f**ks. * lol.”

Another fan differentiated between “Mayor of Kingstown” and “Yellowstone”, noting that they had never heard so many “F-bombs” in “Yellowstone”. The fan wrote on Reddit, “I’ve never heard this much f***ing in Yellowstone, but to be fair the writing on the later seasons was definitely f**ky.”

“Mayor of Kingstown” and “Yellowstone” were both created by Taylor Sheridan, which led fans to compare the two shows because of this shared creative bond.

Another fan suggested on Reddit that the title of the show should be “F-Bombs of Kingstown” at this point, humorously highlighting the frequent and notable use of profanity in the series.

Another fan humorously responded to this Reddit comment saying, “F*****g Mayor Of F*****g Kingsf*****gtown.”

One “Mayor of Kingstown” fan wrote on Reddit, “F**k” loses authority if it’s used at least twice in every sentence like Ian.”

A fan of Jeremy Renner said on Reddit, “Renner has a potty mouth anyway so who knows if half the f***s are in the script! I love that about him though.”

A die-hard fan of the show wrote on Reddit, “Bruh! All these comments are hilarious! I swear a lot too and even I sometimes think it’s a little too much but then I think.. Eh who gives a **k that’s just part of the show Lol 🤣 I love this show and Jeremy is the f*****g shit.”

However, a fan humorously responded on Reddit, “Mike McF** kscly.” The fan must have made this comment because Mike uses a lot of “F-bombs” in the series.

It seems like fans have reached a point where they’ve had enough of the “F-bombs” on the show. It would be interesting to see how often the characters use this word in the upcoming episodes.

How to stream “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3?

Jeremy Renner starring from
Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ photo shoot (@paramount+)

The first four episodes of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 are currently available for streaming on Paramount+.

New episodes of “Mayor of Kingstown” Season 3 are released every Sunday, offering fans a weekly dose of drama, suspense, and much more.

Don’t have a Paramount+ subscription? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Paramount+ Essential plan, priced at $5.99 per month, offers subscribers access to a wide range of content but includes ads while streaming.

Paramount+ with Showtime plan, priced at $11.99 per month, provides an ad-free streaming experience and includes access to Showtime’s advanced content library.

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