Simon Cowell keeps his promise to his son Eric, 9, by choosing Cillian O’Connor for the ‘AGT’ Dream Team

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: On “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League,” creating a Dream Team required some serious strategic thinking. However, decisions were not always based on logic. Simon Cowell chose teenage magician Cillian O’Connor to pay a loving tribute to his nine-year-old son Eric. “I promised Eric I would choose one [Act] for him,” Simon remarked in the latest ‘AGT: Fantasy League.’

For his nine-year-old son Eric, Simon Cowell recruited autistic magician Cillian O'Connor for 'AGT: Fantasy League' (X/agt/Instagram/simoncowell)
Simon Cowell recruited autistic magician Cillian O’Connor for ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ for his nine-year-old son Eric Cowell (X/agt/Instagram/@simoncowell)

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“Eric, this one’s for you.”

Eric Philip Cowell, the son of Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman, was born on February 14, 2014, in New York, United States. Eric is named after Simon’s late father. When Eric was born, Simon commented, “I never knew how much love and pride I would feel.” Simon has happily added magician Cillian from Mornington, Ireland to his Dream Team. He finished third on season 16 of “Britain’s Got Talent” last year, and Simon believed the young magician had what it took to earn him bragging rights on “AGT: Fantasy League,” if only only because his son is a fan.

Fans of
‘AGT: Fantasy League’ Act with Cillian O’Connor (X/AGT)

Who is ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ magician Cillian O’Connor?

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Cillian was diagnosed with autism and isolated until he discovered magic seven years ago. “I saw magicians on America’s Got Talent, and that really inspired me to get into magic,” he revealed before his performance on “AGT: Fantasy League.” Cillian entered the world of magic, earning praise from Simon who described him as “one of the best magicians we’ve ever had on our show”.

“When Simon chose me to be part of his Dream Team,” exclaimed Cillian, “I just couldn’t believe it.” Simon’s advice to the talented young magician: “Tell a story and use good music. »

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Cillian O'Connor (Instagram/@cilliansmagic)
Cillian O’Connor (Instagram/@cilliansmagic)

What did Cillian O’Connor do in ‘AGT: Fantasy League’?

“In a world that’s often turned upside down, there’s a chance that fun, happy moments will come when you least expect them,” remarked Cillian as he approached judges Simon, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel. Cillian presented a deck of cards with unusual phrases printed on them, placing a transparent tissue labeled “dog” on the panelists’ desks.

Simon shuffled half of the cards and Howie selected a card with the word “believe” from the remaining deck. Cillian then shuffled all the cards, wondering if the jumbled words could be magically arranged to convey his tale. As he read the stacked cards, the message unfolded: “Autism…is not a disability…it is an ability.” Magic… changed… my world… Simon… I’m here… thanks to you… Thank you.

Simultaneously, the word “believe” appeared on the handkerchief, which Cillian grabbed before disappearing into thin air amid a shower of confetti. As soon as he reappeared, the audience burst into joy. In a heartfelt moment, Simon summed up his thoughts on Cillian’s act, declaring: “I really love you”, creating an emotional atmosphere for everyone present.

Cillian O'Connor, magician from 'AGT: Fantasy L:eague' (X/agt)
Cillian O’Connor, Wizard of ‘AGT: Fantasy League’ (X/agt)

Simon Cowell’s son Eric wants to audition for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Simon’s genuine feelings for Cillian have a comforting paternal sense, reflecting his penchant for talking about his 9-year-old son, Eric, often referred to as his mini-me. Simon recently shared that Eric is ready to create his own act and perform on stage, expressing: “[He’s] decided he was going to audition for Britain’s Got Talent,” in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Eric’s talents include playing drums, singing and being a devoted Green Day fan, which Simon humorously noted would be “total torture”. In case a musical act doesn’t work, Eric could try his hand at mind reading. Simon revealed to Access Hollywood that even before AGT Season 18 results were released, Eric accurately predicted that Adrian Stoica and Hurricane would win. “He really, really called it,” Simon said.

Adrian shared an adorable red carpet photo with Simon, the Border Collie and Eric, describing Eric as the pup’s “special new friend”. Simon openly acknowledges the enormous influence his son has had on him, saying: “I’m a very different man than I was 10 years ago. Eric changed everything, to be honest.”

Simon Cowell's son Eric wants to audition for
Simon Cowell’s son Eric wants to audition for “Britain’s Got Talent” (Instagram/@noholdenback)

Every Monday at 8/7c, NBC and will air two-hour episodes of “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League.” New episodes will be available to stream on Peacock the following day.

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