‘Sister Wives’ Star Robyn Brown Sparks Pregnancy Rumors As She Hides Her Waist With Pillow

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: Robyn Brown sparked pregnancy rumors after she was seen holding a pillow close to her stomach on a recent episode of “Sister Wives.”

However, it is not possible to confirm whether the rumors circulating on the Internet are true.

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Robyn has previously said she wants a baby with coarse hair. Therefore, netizens believe that she may have taken a step towards realizing her dream.

“Sister Wives” star Robyn Brown was seen covering her stomach during the “Tell-All” episode. This has led many to question the reason behind this.

Some netizens think Robyn was trying to hide her baby bump by keeping the pillow on her stomach.

One user asked others on Reddit: “Am I the only one who thinks Robyn looks pregnant?”

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The user further explained, “During the whole thing, Sobyn Robyn does everything she can to cover her stomach. I noticed she even placed a pillow on her lap while she sat and watched the clips, if you look at her waist in “Her waist, she looks pregnant. Could she carry the little black-haired boy she was telling Cody about? “

To this, another replied: “Oh you don’t know the ‘fat girl’ pillow?” – Sometimes users of the “fat girl pillow”.

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Another laughed, saying: “Often used by someone who doesn’t always need to use a fat girl pillow. Commonly used when you feel uncomfortable in your new size, you’ve also used the pillow for a big girl.”

Another doubted Robyn’s pregnancy, explaining: “I look like I’m pregnant, especially when I’m sitting, but I’m not. I often hug a pillow because I “I’m embarrassed about it. I highly doubt she’s pregnant.”

One claims: “No, she’s just hiding her guts. I don’t think she’d have another spawn with him since the paychecks are about to end.”

Robyn Brown speculates she's pregnant as she hides her belly in
Robyn Brown Is Presumed As She Hides Her Belly In ‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All (TLC)

How many children does ‘Sister Wives’ star Robyn Brown have?

Robyn has 5 children of her own. She has 2 biological children with Kody – Solomon and Ariella.

Robyn has 3 children from her previous marriage. Kody legally adopted her children after marriage.

Dayton is Robyn’s first child from a previous marriage which she welcomed in 2000. Aurora Brown is Robyn’s eldest daughter, born in 2003, followed by Breanna Brown in 2004.

Solomon was born in 2011 and Ariella, the youngest, was born in 2016.

Are Robyn and Kody Brown still together?

After Christine, Meri and Janelle Brown split up with Kody, he finds himself alone with Robyn.

Kody and Robyn now live a monogamous lifestyle and are legally married.

There were rumors that the couple was facing friction in their marriage. However, these rumors appear to be just rumors as nothing reportedly happened between Kody and Robyn.

It also remains to be seen whether the couple will welcome a sister’s wife back into their married life or not.

Kody Brown adopted Robyn's children from a previous marriage (YouTube/@tlc)
Kody and Robyn Brown still married (YouTube/@tlc)

Robyn Brown Breaks Into Tears While Recalling Commitment Ceremony With Her ‘Sister Wives’ Exes

In the Season 18 episode “Look Back” of “Sister Wives,” the four sister-wives watched their commitment ceremony. They swore and signed the document to always support each other, through good times and bad.

Upon seeing the old video, Robyn burst into tears. She started crying hysterically and rushed out of the room saying she wouldn’t be able to watch anymore.

Robyn has always dreamed of living in polygamy. That’s why seeing him collapse broke the 45-year-old.

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