Solo Sikoa Destroys The Tribal Chief on Smackdown, Openly Challenges His Cousin

Solo Sikoa did the unthinkable last week on WWE SmackDown, as he and his faction mates took out Paul Heyman. The Enforcer did this after the Hall of Fame refused to recognize Solo as their Tribe Leader. And, now, it seems that this decision of Paul has awakened a never before seen side of the new Bloodline Leader, as he destroyed Roman Reigns in the last edition of the show.

In the final moments of the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, a Solo Sikoa promo was aired, and it was a direct statement against The Head of the Table. His promo aired just before the show went off the air, and it saw fans witness one of the most important segments in the long history of this legendary Samoan faction.

In his promo, Solo mocked Roman for being unable to defend his title at WrestleMania 40 and said that Reigns’ failure makes him The Tribesman now. The heel superstar said, “Roman Reigns was not man enough to defend our title at WrestleMania. He was not man enough to defend our heritage against Cody Rhodes and his legacy.”

Therefore, he will no longer call himself The Tribesman because I am now the Tribesman,” Solo Sikoa added. With this promo, The Enforcer sent a direct challenge to his cousin, and it’s likely they will have a feud whenever The Bloodline Leader makes his highly anticipated return to the promotion.

Roman Reigns would be more than desperate to take down Solo Sikoa after the recent developments

Last week on SmackDown, Solo Sikoa and The Bloodline attacked Paul Heyman, leaving the Hall of Fame absolutely devastated. And, in the latest episode of the blue brand, Solo announced himself as The Tribal Chief while also taunting Roman about his loss on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns
Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns (Credits- X)

Both of these activities are ones that will really infuriate the former Undisputed Champion. Moreover, it is likely that Roman Reigns will now be more than desperate to take down Solo Sikoa after the recent developments. If that is the case, there is a chance that The Head of the Table could make his WWE return much sooner than everyone in the community expects.

Solo Sikoa talks about taking the Undisputed Championship from Cody Rhodes

While the remarks Solo Sikoa made against Roman Reigns obviously caught the attention of fans, Roman isn’t the only guy he targeted in his promo. In addition to The Head of the Table, Solo talked about Cody Rhodes, as he explained that he wants to take the Undisputed Championship from Rhodes.

Making his intention to win the prestigious title clear and warning Reigns, the new Tribesman said, “I will take back our WWE Undisputed Title from Cody Rhodes. And if Roman Reigns wants that back, he can try to take it from me. Because I’m going to show everyone in the Money in the Bank – Cody Rhodes six-man tag team match, I’m coming for you. And you will acknowledge me.”

Solo Sikoa wants to win the Undisputed Championship from Cody Rhodes
Solo Sikoa wants to win the Undisputed Championship from Cody Rhodes (Credits- X)

Looking at the kind of confidence Solo Sikoa had throughout this segment, it looks like the WWE Universe is going to see a never-before-seen side of him. As The Bloodline is set to go up against the team of Cody, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens at MITB, it remains to be seen what happens at the event in Toronto. Is the return of Roman Reigns a possibility? If it happens, it will definitely get one of the biggest receptions in WWE history.

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