Solo Sikoa May Be The Reason Why Roman Reigns And CM Punk Are Teaming Up In WWE

The Bloodline storyline is one of the best things WWE has produced in recent times, and with the addition of Roman Reigns and CM Punk, it’s sure to be legendary. Depending on when Roman returns to television, the Bloodline storyline will take shape, but as it stands now, he should be back soon.

The group, led by Solo Sikoa, recently ousted Wiseman Paul Heyman, and since Paul Heyman plays a critical role in the life and career of Roman Reigns, fans expect The Bloodline’s future to be full of blood, violence and spice. . And it will be full of Roman Reigns; that’s how you turn a career around.

Roman Reigns and CM Punk could team up against Bloodline for the Paul Heyman tie

Although the now Tribal Chief Solo Sikoa is on a path of violence, the real story is far from beginning. After the group gave Paul Heyman a Triple Powerbomb on the announce table as the Wiseman gasped for breath, they announced their side of the war. On the one hand, there is obviously the new Bloodline. So, who will fight on the other side?

You may already know two of the warriors; they have a past connection with Paul Heyman and carry the label of “Paul Heyman Guy”. Recent reports indicate that Roman Reigns and CM Punk will share the stage when they battle the Bloodline. Based on star power, it can’t get bigger than this, and the Uses might as well join them. However, the rumored team between Roman and Punk could make a lot of sense if it were for Heyman’s side. As for the Bloodline, fans may not appreciate it as much.

Solo Sikoa teases future plans for Roman Reigns and Bloodline Civil War

In case you weren’t sure, this week’s SmackDown ramped up the storyline, with Solo Sikoa’s Bloodline announcing an all-out war against Roman Reigns. During the tapings’ last promo, fans saw Solo take the Tribal Chief title from Roman and challenge him, stating that if he wants to get it back, Roman must examine him.

Looks like Roman needs to get the support of his cousins ​​back. He has to form his Bloodline with the Usos and probably The Rock, as the Bloodline prepares for Civil War. If CM Punk is added to this mix, fans are showing a somewhat mixed reaction, and officially, it might not happen. Meanwhile, Solo teases that he will go after Cody, and if he manages to stand victorious, Romano will not just be fighting for his Bloodline; he will also target a zone.

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