Sorry R-Truth, WWE Fans Feel Carlito Is The Funniest Stars Right Now

Carlito is a well-known superstar in WWE history due to his amazing run during his first tenure with the organization that left many wanting him to return. The career and life of the former United States Champion took on new life and energy after he finally signed a full-time contract with WWE in 2023.

The impressive stories, memorable moments and attacks that the Kariba Cool star had are known to the audience. Many supporters believed that Carlito’s appearance at Backlash would signal the beginning of his return, and that proved to be the case. It took some time for the two sides to reach that conclusion, however, and WWE needed to make him a contract offer eventually.

Carlito was originally placed in the Latin World Order by WWE, but his story began to show flaws that made his removal necessary. But Carlito’s switch to RAW created a new favorite Judgment Day faction member. He’s been a weekly regular for a few months, but most people thought it would only last a few weeks. Creating trouble for the faction or injecting humor helped make up for Rhea Ripley’s absence in recent weeks for the show.

Fans love the Caribbean Cool’s one-liners each week during backstage segments. “Carlito must have studied 2022 Sami Zayn because he surpassed R-Truth as the funniest man in WWE” stated a user referencing Sami Zayn’s 2022 run with the Bloodline as the Honorary Uce. “Man I love Carlito, he’s a comedian” stated user while another user wrote, “Carlito killing it on doomsday best thing to happen”.

Rhea Ripley’s shocking return may change the landscape of Judgment Day

The highly anticipated return of Rhea Ripley took place at the main event conclusion of Monday Night RAW. In the main event of the show, Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio paired together to face Zelina Vega and Rey Mysterio in a mixed match. Liv used a chair to intervene, diverting the referee’s attention. Dom-Dom was able to seize the opportunity to take advantage and win.

Rhea Ripley made a shocking return on RAW
Rhea Ripley made a shocking return on RAW (Credit-X)

Liv decided it would be best to flee, while Dominik stayed in the ring. Mami searched for answers as RAW left, and when he reached out to give her a hug, Ripley waved her hands and headed for the stage. The audience was clearly engaged in the plot as they yelled at Dom, “You fucked up.”

Fans saw Morgan, grinning widely, watching the chaos from afar in another video. It seemed that her strategy of causing a rift between Dom and his Mami worked. Upon returning, Ripley is eager to face Dominik and win back the Women’s World title she never lost.

Rhea Ripley’s heated rivalry with Liv Morgan is about to reach its boiling point

Rhea Ripley’s shocking return on RAW stunned the internet. After recovering from an injury in just three months, Mami became Liv Morgan’s worst nightmare. When Rhea Ripley defeated Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 40 to retain her WWE Women’s World Championship, she experienced the ultimate. However, she was attacked backstage by Liv Morgan who sought revenge on the next RAW.

It was supposed to spark their feud, but instead Ripley suffered a real-life injury that caused her to give up her championship. While Morgan was attached to Dominik in the meantime, Liv added another huge chapter to her rivalry with Ripley.

Dominik Mysterio with Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley (Credits- X)
Dominik Mysterio with Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley (Credits- X)

After first facing each other, Morgan and Ripley formed a tag team in March 2022. Known as Liv 4 Brutality, the charming team became a fun babyface duo very quickly. Liv 4 Brutality stayed together, but Ripley eventually had enough and attacked her partner in the ring, giving Morgan Riptide, after losing a title match to Sasha Banks and Naomi.

Mami achieved tremendous levels of success after she aligned herself with Judgment Day while Morgan had success in the women’s tag division. Ripley attacked Liv during one of their bouts which led to Morgan’s brief hiatus before returning at the 2024 Royal Rumble starting the Liv Morgan Revenge Tour. This made Morgan a massive and entertaining heel as she approached Rea’s ally Dominik.

Rhea Ripley vacates her title on RAW (Credits- X)
Rhea Ripley vacated her title on RAW (Credits- X)

She would no doubt take out her rage on Morgan for taking away her Dom-Dom and on Dominik Mysterio for his betrayal. After such an impressive 380-day reign as champion, she would also like to regain the title she was forced to cede rather than lose it. There won’t be many opponents for her to worry about before she can win the title again, especially with Becky Lynch out of the picture and Charlotte Flair injured.

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