‘Southern Hospitality’ star Mia Alario calls Amy Sherratt and Will Culp a ‘match made in heaven’

Charleston, South Carolina: ‘Southern Hospitality’ stars Will Culp and Amy Sherratt are still together and are pursuing a long-distance relationship in the show’s new season.

In the entertaining session ‘Work! The! ‘Poles!’, Mia Alario excitedly declares that her ‘Southern Hospitality’ co-stars, Will Culp and Amy Sherratt are a perfect match.

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During the show, Andy Cohen asked the audience a question asking if they believed Will and Amy’s relationship would last. Surprisingly, the majority of voters surveyed expressed skepticism, voting against a permanent relationship between the couple.

The mistrust between the show’s stars is palpable, with Mia Alario firm in her belief that Will and Amy are a “match made in heaven”.

Will’s loyalty is questioned in the new season, with the pair going through a long-distance relationship. Other cast members sparked rumors of infidelity between the couple.

How did Amy Sharrett and Will Culp meet?

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Amy and Will’s love story began on the set of ‘Southern Hospitality’ when they met each other during the filming process. Before gracing the reality show, Will worked as a model.

Despite both of them working in the same nightclub, their professional roles kept them in different spheres. Will got his place behind the bar, while Emmy took on the role of VIP server.

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Their relationship has been marked by a dynamic and fascinating journey. Amy has been openly sharing aspects of her personal life. His chemistry with Will and fellow cast members adds an extra layer of authenticity to their on-screen and off-screen connection.

Will Culp and Amy Charrett have great chemistry (Instagram/@AmyCharrett)

Amy Charrett and Will Culp pursue long-distance relationship in new season

Will begins a new journey to fulfill his dream of becoming a lawyer by enrolling in law school.

This decision presents a new challenge for him and Amy as they pursue a long-distance relationship.

In a sneak peek of season 2, viewers get a glimpse of the couple engaging in a video call, already dealing with the complexities of being physically separated.

Surprisingly, their discussions extended beyond their own relationship, to the rumors surrounding Trevor and Maddie’s alleged cheating.

Despite the distance, there is a supportive dynamic between them, with Amy encouraging Will to pursue his dream of attending law school.

Amy Sherratt in a long distance relationship (Instagram/Amy Sherratt)
Amy Charrett supports Will Culp’s dream of becoming a lawyer (Instagram/@AmyCharrett)

Will Culp accused of objectifying women

Will once opened up about his past relationships, saying, “I spent my time as a single man. You hook up with fifteen hundred girls and at the end of the day it gets old, you know? If you try everything on the menu, you know exactly what you like. It was a buffet.”

However, this statement painted an image of him that some considered to be objectifying women due to his extensive dating history.

Will Kulp is a bartender (Instagram/Will Kulp)
Will Kulp has enrolled in law school (Instagram/@WillKulp)

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