Statistics prove Patrick Mahomes is a better NFL player than Tom Brady after winning his third Super Bowl

Former NFL quarterback Tom Brady cemented his legacy as the best NFL QB in history with some astonishing records. Many believed that we might not see someone like Brady for generations. However, Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is staking his claim to the debate. With another Super Bowl MVP performance in the bag, Mahomes is clear of Brady when it comes to comparing performances from their first seven seasons.

Mahomes was selected by the Chiefs during the 2017 NFL Draft and just completed his seventh season. Brady, on the other hand, was selected in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots. Both Brady and Mahomes did not change teams during their first seven seasons.

Starting with awards and honors, Brady (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX) and Mahomes (LIV, LVII, LVIII) won three Super Bowls. Brady had three Pro Bowls in the bag compared to Mahomes’ six. The Chiefs QB also edged out Brady in MVP awards as Mahomes won the Super Bowl MVP in all three of his wins. Meanwhile, Brady won two MVP awards in his three Super Bowl victories. The Super Bowl XXXIX MVP was won by wide receiver Dion Branch.

Talking about individual statistics, both the players played 96 games. Mahomes leads in Pass Yds (28424 – 21564), Pass Y/A (7.9 – 7), Pass Y/G (296.1 – 224.6), and Pass Touch Down (219 – 147). Mahomes has been intercepted less (63 to Brady’s 78). Chiefs QBs also lead the way when it comes to rush attacks (374 – 239), rush YDS (1936 – 435), rush Y/A (5.2 – 1.8), and rush touchdowns (12-3).

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady have met on the field six times

Brady and Mahomes have played against each other 6 times between 2018 and 2022. Their first matchup was in 2018 when Brady was over 40 and Mahomes was still a new name. Brady and the New England Patriots beat the Chiefs 43-40.

A year later in 2019, they had their second encounter. Brady held a 2-0 lead over Mahomes as the Patriots beat the Chiefs 37-31. In 2019, they met again and the Chiefs eventually defeated the Patriots 23-16. In 2020, Mahomes tied the score at 2-2. Brady, now playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, lost to the Chiefs by a narrow margin of 24–27.

Brady led the way once again in 2021 as he won Super Bowl LV, his 7th Super Bowl. He held the record for most Super Bowl wins by a quarterback and was also the oldest quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl. It was Mahomes’ third Super Bowl appearance and first loss. The final matchup between Brady and Mahomes ended in a 41-31 victory for the Chiefs. Mahomes and Brady held their head-to-head score at 3-3.

How deep will Patrick Mahomes have to dig to reach Tom Brady’s career level?

Although Mahomes has fared better than Brady’s first seven seasons, the former University of Michigan player has earned career accolades like no other. 7x Super Bowl winner, 5x Super Bowl MVP, 3x NFL MVP, and 15x Pro Bowl are just a few of his accomplishments.

Brady holds astounding career records such as most career quarterback wins (251), most career passing attempts (12,050), most career passing completions (7,753), most career passing touchdowns (649), and most career passing yards ( 89,214). Most of these records stem from his longevity.

Tom Brady wears jersey number 12 and plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Tom Brady plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Credit: Forbes)

Mahomes aims to continue playing at the same level he has been playing for at least 10 or more of the past seven seasons. Brady played nearly 23 seasons. Even after touching 40 he was at the top of his game. As for touching on Brady’s overall legacy, Mahomes has some work for himself. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that this is a team game. A lot also depends on your teammates.

Mahomes believes Brady has an advantage over him because of Super Bowl 2021

After his game-winning performance in Super Bowl LVIII, Mahomes was asked about being compared to Brady. he said, “For me, it’s always tough because Brady beat me in the Super Bowl … that’s something that will always be on my mind.”

Brady and the Buccaneers beat Mahomes and the Chiefs 31-9 in Super Bowl LV. However, Mahomes also sees him as an inspiration. “But it gives me something to strive for every single day, just to chase greatness,” Mahomes said. “Whenever I’m tired and I don’t want to work, I know I have to do it to live in moments like this.”

The Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25–22 in Super Bowl LVIII. After the scoreline was 19-19 in regulation time, Mahomes pulled out a late victory for his team in OT.

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