Steph Curry’s Heartwarming Gestures for Fans

Steph Curry proved that he is different from the other superstars in the NBA. With the 2024 Paris Olympics soon to begin, Team USA has selected the best players from the country to represent them at the international event. Not many were surprised to hear that Steph was chosen. After all, the Golden State Warriors star is still in his prime and has been playing well.

Having such a group of stars in the same place definitely attracts a lot of attention from the fans and media. Footage of one such incident shed light on Steph Curry’s character. That said, let’s take a closer look and find out more.

Steph Curry was the only player on Team USA to stop and greet fans in the heat

Considering that it is currently summer in the United States, the heat has made it difficult for people to stay outside. Although the Team USA stars practice in air-conditioned facilities, there is a brief moment when they are outside as they approach their bus to leave.

Fans who want to catch a glimpse of these stars stood in crowds far and wide. Footage showed that multiple members did not make the decision to walk towards the fans and greet them. Steph Curry was the only one who made the effort to come and interact with the fans. Those who saw this expressed their approval, “Just another reason to love him.”

Although Steph is one of the biggest stars in the NBA, this incident proves that he is also kind and considerate compared to other stars. Plus, this isn’t the only time Steph Curry’s kindness has been caught on camera.

More heartwarming Steph Curry moments

With the rise of video and social media, it’s easy to find several moments where Steph Curry’s kindness has been on display. Steph once helped an old man shoot a bunch. He also helped a random fan win a $5000 cash prize during a halftime event.

There have also been cases of Steph knocking a ball away to prevent someone from getting hit. All this proves that Curry is quite a likable person to the fans. However, his opponents will agree that he becomes something very different when facing off against them.

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