Stormy Daniels testifies she hit ‘rude’ Donald Trump with magazine: ‘He was a lot more polite’ after

Stormy Daniels testified that she hit Donald Trump “right on the butt” during their first meeting for being “rude.”

During her testimony at the former president’s quiet money trial in New York on Tuesday, the porn star – born Stephanie Clifford – recalled that Trump pulled out a magazine that had his face on it when she wanted to have dinner during their alleged hotel romp in the city. . 2006

“I’ve had enough of his arrogance and cut me off and still haven’t gotten my dinner,” Daniels testified, adding that Trump, 77, didn’t know how to hold a conversation.

“Someone should hit you with that,” she recalled telling the politician about the magazine.

Daniels, 45, then testified that Trump, who was wearing a black kimono-like dress over a tight black shirt, rolled up the magazine and “gave me a look,” apparently as a dare.

“So I took it from him and I said turn around, and I hit him right on the butt,” she told jurors. “And he was much more polite.”

According to NBC News, the former stripper’s magazine testimony prompted some of the jurors to ‚Äústop keeping a poker face.

“One woman was seen rubbing her face trying to hold back laughter (without making noise),” the outlet reported.

Elsewhere in Daniels’ testimony, she claimed that Donald told her that he and his wife, Melania Trump, whom he married in 2005, slept in separate rooms.

The “Apprentice” alum is accused of having his former attorney Michael Cohen pay Daniel $130,000 in hush money before the 2016 election to prevent her from speaking publicly about his affair with her.

Donald is also accused of concealing the payment by writing it off as a legal expense.

The businessman denied the allegations and called the trial a “witch hunt”.

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