‘Sunny’ on Apple TV+: What is the dark manual? A mysterious signature unfolds the secrets of Masa Sakamoto

Contains spoilers for ‘Sunny’

KYOTO, JAPAN: The first two episodes of Apple TV+’s “Sunny” have created enough intrigue to keep fans hooked for weeks to come.

At the center of the plot is Suzie Sakamoto (Rashida Jones), an American woman living in Japan. Her life is turned upside down when her husband and son disappear after a plane crash.

His disappearance causes Suzie to discover shocking secrets from her husband to whom she has been married for ten years. This involves Masa’s job profile, an advanced robot, and a dark manual.

‘Sunny’ Episode 2 drops hints about the dark handbook

Rashida Jones as Suzie Sakamoto in
Rashida Jones as Suzie Sakamoto in “Sunny” (@appletv+)

In Episode 1, a bartender named Mixxy (annie the clumsy) tells Suzie that the code of robots can be hacked to make them do whatever you want.

Therefore, Suzie decides to do some digging on Sunny in Episode 2. She takes it to a local shop run by a man known for fixing robots.

When he runs a test on Sunny, he discovers that there is no guide for Sunny and in fact it is a more advanced version of standard robots.

Later, the old man’s grandson follows Suzie out of the shop and tells her about the dark manual.

Dark manual is a guidebook that can be used to operate Sunny. The granddaughter tells that no one knows who designed the manual, but who did is a genius.

She also reveals a red tattoo of a wolf encircled on her stomach, explaining that this symbol is used by the one who uses the Dark Manual.

Did Masa Sakamoto draw the dark handbook in Apple TV+’s ‘Sunny’?

Hidetoshi Nishijima in 'Sunny' (@appletv+)
Hidetoshi Nishijima as Masa Sakamoto in “Sunny” (@appletv+)

The events in Episode 2 suggest that Masa (Hidetoshi Nishijima) might be the genius who made the manual. When she looks at the red tattoo, she realizes that she once saw a similar design on Masa’s notebook. She goes back home to dig through her belongings but doesn’t find anything.

She even visits her mother-in-law’s house, who says that she must have thrown away the drawing done by Masa years ago.

By the end of the episode, it becomes obvious that Masa used the dark manual. When someone was killed in Division 5, he was seen drawing the same symbol to edit the code on his laptop.

Does this mean that Masa is the one who locked away Sunny’s previous memory? If he did, then what was the reason behind it? Did Sunny kill someone?

We will have to wait for upcoming episodes to get the answers to the ongoing mystery.

‘Sunny’ Episodes 1 and 2 are currently available to stream on Apple TV+.

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