‘Sunny’: What happened to Suzie Sakamoto’s husband and son? Here’s what we know

Contains spoilers for ‘Sunny’

KYOTO, JAPAN: Rashida Jones stars as Suzie Sakamoto, a grieving woman who seeks solace in alcohol and a robot after a tragic incident on Apple TV+’s ‘Sunny’.

Based on the novel “The Dark Handbook” by Colin O’Sullivan, “Sunny” is a ten-episode dark comedy mystery series, also featuring Hidetoshi Nishijima, Annie the Clumsy, Judy Ongg and Jun Kunimura.

What happened to Suzie Sakamoto’s family in Apple TV+’s ‘Sunny’?

Rashida Jones as Suzie Sakamoto in
Rashida Jones as Suzie Sakamoto in “Sunny” (@appletv+)

The series opens with Suzie and her mother-in-law, Noriko (Judy Ongg) struggling with a recent tragedy in the family. Suzie’s husband and son go missing after a crash.

While the authorities are able to recover the belongings of several other passengers who died in the crash, Suzie struggles to find closure.

Masa’s phone continues to ring unlike the mobile phones of the other missing passengers which go to voicemail. None of Masa’s (Hidetoshi Nishijima) and Zen’s belongings were recovered, leaving Suzie and Noriko hopeful that they might still be alive, until a twist in Episode 2.

Did Suzie Sakamoto’s husband and son die in ‘Sunny’?

A mystery series
Rashida Jones and Hidetoshi Nishijima in ‘Sunny’ (@appletv+)

In “Sunny” Episode 2, Sunny brings Masa’s shoes to Suzie and shares that someone from the airline came and delivered them.

However, it turns out that a suspicious man sent his robot to pose as airline staff to deliver the shoes.

We can guess that Masa and Zen are not dead, but an unidentified man wants Suzie to believe otherwise.

Masa’s disappearance probably has nothing to do with the crash but is connected to his work as a roboticist at Imatech, a fact Suzie was unaware of during their marriage until he went missing.

His disappearance could be related to the suspicious activities of Imatech or the man who tracked Suzie for reasons yet to be revealed.

Two episodes of ‘Sunny’ are currently available to stream on Apple TV+

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