Super Bowl 58 ticket sales, attendance and revenue generated could break some serious records from the past

This year’s Super Bowl and its fascination is something not seen in the past 57 seasons. Ticket prices for the Super Bowl rise even higher as we approach one of the NFL’s biggest days. Moreover, the location of Las Vegas is also a contributing factor to the increasing popularity of the match. This place has attracted many to sort out their weekend.

Compared to last year, ticket prices have increased by 70%. However, fans show no restraint in showering their love on their favorite teams. We expect to see the best matchup in the league against the Chiefs and the 49ers.

However, it would also be wrong to completely ignore the Taylor Swift effect that has also affected much of the league’s business, thanks to Travis Kelce. Just to enter the stadium, you need to pay a whopping $12,082. However this will not promise you the best view to quote your favorite players during the match.

Attendance for the event was estimated at 67,278. The Las Vegas Convention has announced that the event is expected to generate $600 million in revenue. Tickets were sold at face value of $950 which would reserve you a nosebleed seat. Getting a great view of the game overlooking the 50-yard line will cost you roughly $9500 at face value.

Super Bowl 58 breaks all records: Know ticket price ranges

The Super Bowl has evolved like the morning sun. Prices have also skyrocketed, with average ticket prices ranging from $9,815 to $12,082 in secondary markets like SeatGeek. The Super Bowl is undoubtedly the most anticipated match in the States and around the world. The most expensive ticket that will give you a front row seat costs $196,875.

Ticket prices have soared for the Super Bowl (Credit: People)

The most expensive ticket was from the Chiefs side which sold for $52000. This is a huge increase over the prices in previous years. Not only that, a 30-second commercial in Super Bowl 58 is also worth millions. The league’s explosive surge in popularity has actually benefited it greatly and will also increase the projected salary cap for 2024.

Comparison between ticket prices and sales for Super Bowl 57 and 58

Two weeks before the game, ticket prices saw a 38% increase in price compared to last year. 58 fans must invest at least $10,000 to watch the clash between the Chiefs and 49ers in the Super Bowl. There is a wide gap between the prices of Super Bowl 57. A year ago if you spent $6500 you would get a seat with a decent view.

The most awaited Super Bowl matchup of 49ers vs the Chiefs
The 49ers vs the Chiefs most awaited Super Bowl matchup (Credit: AtoZ Sports)

This year the cheapest ticket will cost you more than $8000 but last year you could get it for just $3350 through independent websites. Super Bowl 58 generated huge fanfare throughout its events in this momentous season. Now the wave is set to reach stadiums and make this one of the best matchups in NFL history.

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