‘Swamp People’ Season 15: Meet the Cast of History TV’s Adventurous Alligator Hunting Show

ATCHAFALAYA BASIN, LOUISIANA: Season 15 of “Swamp People” premieres Thursday, January 4, 2024, at 8/7c on History.

This American reality television series was first broadcast on History on August 22, 2010.

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This season, alligator hunters are immersed in a 300-year-old tradition, braving the perils of the swamps to secure their annual income.

This daring activity depends on unpredictable weather, closely regulated by wildlife laws.

The ultimate challenge for alligator hunters is to leave before the end of the season, a race against time and the whims of nature in the heart of the swamp.

Meet the cast of ‘Swamp People’ season 15

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Troy Landry

Meet the formidable “King of the Swamps,” Troy Landry, an intrepid alligator hunter whose roots in alligator hunting run deep, inherited from his fisherman and seafood distributor father.

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Known for consistently filling more tags than any Louisiana swampland, Troy’s alligator hunting prowess is unmatched. While he rose to fame through his captivating appearances on the hit TV series Swamp People, it is his unbridled passion for navigating the bayou waters and confronting reptilian giants that defines him.

Without a doubt, Troy Landry’s involvement in Swamp People serves not only as a source of fame, but also as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the art of alligator hunting.

Troy is called the king of the swamps (History TV)
Troy is called the king of the swamps (History TV)

Jacob Landry

Introducing Jacob Landry, a name synonymous with Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages from the Dead (2015), Swamp People (2010) and The Queen Latifah Show (2013).

As the eldest descendant of the illustrious Landry family, Jacob carries the weight of expectations to not only meet, but exceed the standards set by his father, the legendary Troy Landry.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, as tensions escalate, the swamp calls for the appointment of a new captain. Jacob Landry takes on this demanding role, ready to leave his legacy among the finest in the treacherous waters of the bayou.

He is the eldest son of the Landry family (TV History)
He is the eldest son of the Landry family (TV History)

Willie Edwards

Meet Willie, the epitome of an independent, resilient marshman and one of the few who still fishes commercially year-round.

From the various waters of the bayou, Willie and his family masterfully bring in a bounty including fish, frogs, deer, crabs, crawfish, snapping turtles and, of course, fearsome alligators.

What makes Willie a Swamp People icon is not only his exceptional trapping skills, but also his unwavering commitment to the family values ​​that set him apart in the harsh kingdom of the Louisiana swamps.

Willie is an icon of the series (History TV)
Willie is an icon of the series (History TV)

Joey Edgar

As you set sail on the murky waters of the bayou, meet the resilient Joey Edgar, captaining his own boat in tandem with his faithful friend, Zak Catchem.

Coming from the esteemed lineage of his father, Daniel, Joey carries the weight of a legacy on his shoulders. Having grown up surrounded by swamp wisdom, he is armed with an encyclopedia of knowledge about the mysterious and dangerous swamp terrain.

With confidence and determination, Joey sets out to take on the challenges, aiming to not only keep up, but enhance Edgar’s legendary legacy on Swamp People.

Joey will continue the legacy of the series (History TV)
Joey will continue the legacy of the series (History TV)

Dwaine Edgar

Back in the bayou, resilient and experienced Dwaine Edgar returns for another exciting season of alligator hunting alongside his family. This time, he teams up with his older brother Joey, bringing a unique blend of experience and camaraderie to the swamp.

Relieved to be sailing the waters with Joey instead of his father Daniel, Dwaine discovers that indeed, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as they embark on another adventure full of suspense and swamp wisdom on Swamp People.

Dwaine (historical TV)
Dwaine wants to sail the series with Joey (History TV)

Ashley Jones

Meet sniper extraordinaire Ashley “Deadeye” Jones, renowned for her impeccable shooting that leaves no room for error. Partnered with longtime friend Ronnie Adams, this season kicks off with a new set of challenges following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ida in the bayou.

However, armed with Ronnie’s extensive knowledge of the prime hunting grounds and Ashley’s unrivaled marksmanship, they prove that not even the forces of Mother Nature can hinder their quest.

Get ready for an adrenaline-filled journey as Ashley and Ronnie aim for success in the unpredictable waters of Swamp People.

Ashley is nicknamed “Deadeye” for his deadly shots (History TV)
Ashley is nicknamed “Deadeye” for his deadly shots (History TV)

Ronnie Adams

Prepare to navigate the murky waters of the bayou with Ronnie, a legendary hunter whose success is unparalleled in these treacherous swamps.

Ronnie’s expertise in the labyrinthine swamp channels marks him out as one of the most accomplished hunters on the scene.

However, this season brings him a formidable challenge as he faces the devastating aftermath of a hurricane that threatens to interrupt his journey before it even begins.

Prepare yourself for a gripping story of resilience and triumph as Ronnie faces the daunting task of overcoming the wrath of nature in Swamp People.

Ronnie Adams is a well-known cast of the series (History TV)
Ronnie Adams is a well-known cast of the series (History TV)

Daniel Edgar

Embark on an adventure through the wild bayou with Daniel Edgar, the revered “Creole Patriarch” and proud owner of the famous St. Mary seafood company.

In this exciting season, Daniel teams up with his grandson, Dorien, who has just joined the family business.

Facing the looming threat of Hurricane Ida, Daniel must rely on the strength and support of his family to protect not only his livelihood, but also the legacy he has painfully built.

Join Daniel and Dorien in the battle against the forces of nature, where family bonds prove to be the ultimate anchor to the hearts of the Swamp People.

Daniel built a legacy (History TV)
Daniel built a legacy (History TV)

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