Takeaways from ‘The Bequeathed’ Episode 1: Yoon Seo-ha’s Husband Is Killed in a Thrilling Premiere

Contains spoilers for “The Legacy”

JEONJU, SOUTH KOREA: “The Bequeathed,” South Korea’s latest crime drama, premiered on Netflix on January 19. Starring Kim Hyun-joo, Park Hee-soon, Park Byung-eun and Ryu Kyung-soo, “The Bequeathed” was adapted from the popular Korean Webtoon series of the same name.

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The story revolves around a woman who inherits a cemetery after the death of her unknown uncle and finds herself in the middle of dark secrets and a series of murders.

Police arrest Kim Kwang-soo for murder of Yoon Myung-gil

Yoon Myung-gil, 75, is found dead and police investigate it as a homicide. The Namil Police Station contacts Yoon Seo-ho (Kim Hyun-joo) to claim the remains. Yoon, who is unaware that her father has a younger brother, is shocked again when she is told that she has inherited the family cemetery.

During the investigation, the police discover the Jinseong-ri golf project, whose construction stops after Yoon Myung-gil refuses to sell his land.

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Yuk Sung-soo, head of Jinseong-ri village, is arrested by the police after finding evidence related to the murder on his land under construction. Meanwhile, he attacks Kim Kwang-soo, development manager at Jijo Construction.

Who killed Yang Jae-seok?

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When Yoon Seo-ha (Park Sung-Hoon) fails to become a full-time professor again, Yang Jae-seok humiliates her and calls their marriage a “fraud.” Yoon loses his calm and confronts him with the evidence of his extramarital affair.

When she brings up divorce, Jae-seok interrupts her by saying that he would only separate after receiving his share of the family cemetery.

This makes Yoon even more furious. She leaves him stranded on a deserted road and returns home. Towards the end, Jae-seok is seen getting shot by an unknown assassin and his body is discovered the next day.

As Kim Kwang-soo remains in custody, we wonder who killed Jae-seok? Was it the village chief who snuck away while accusing Kim? Or is it an entire union?

It seems that there is a long way to go before we finally unravel the mystery.

“Les Légués” is now streaming on Netflix.

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