Takeaways from ‘The Bequeathed’ Episode 2: Yoon Seo-ha Suspects Young-ho Amid Her Husband’s Death

Contains spoilers for “The Legacy”

JEONJU, SOUTH KOREA: The second episode of “The Bequeathed” delves deeper into the lives of Yoon Seo-ha and the cops investigating the recent homicides.

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In the first episode, Yoon Seo-ha (Kim Hyun-joo) was seen coping with her uncle’s murder. Inheriting a large plot of land attracted the attention of several parties, including a construction company, her half-brother and her husband.

The second episode begins with the investigation into the death of her husband, killed in mysterious circumstances.

Is Young-ho linked to Yang Jae-seok’s murder?

During Yoon Seo-ha’s questioning session, she suggests that her half-brother, Young-ho (Ryu Kyung-soo), also undergo cross-examination. Although the police say Young-ho had an alibi for the timing of the murder, Seo-ha remains skeptical.

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A palpable unease is evident when she passes him near the stairs, and her expression reflects a feeling of fear or apprehension.

Haunted by nightmares related to her husband’s death, Seo-ha considers Young-ho to be the author of these disturbing dreams.

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The psychological impact of these nightmares adds a layer of suspense and tension to the storyline, leaving viewers curious about the true nature of Young-ho’s involvement in the unfolding events.

Is Yoon Seo-ha’s half-brother hiding something?

Young-ho performs strange rituals in
Young-ho Performs Strange Rituals in ‘The Bequeathed’ (Netflix)

In the episode, we see Young-ho engaging in strange rituals, using chicken blood and painting a talisman on Seo-ha’s door, which terrifies her. He also visits his father’s grave, hinting at a personal connection to spiritual practices.

Later, Seo-ha recalls a childhood incident in which her father was involved in a shamanic ritual, denying possession and causing chaos. This adds an intriguing layer to Young-ho’s character and suggests a connection to shamanic traditions.

As the episode unfolds, Young-ho’s mysterious actions and glimpses into his past build anticipation for future episodes, where more secrets about his character may be revealed.

“The Bequeathed” is available to stream on Netflix.

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