‘Ted’ ending explained: Cheeky bear Ted becomes wingman, suddenly to help John lose his virginity

Contains spoilers for “Ted” Season 1 Episode 7

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Seth MacFarlane’s foul-mouthed teddy bear has come back to life, but this time as a television miniseries. All seven episodes of the prequel series “Ted” premiered on Peacock on January 11.

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“Ted” is a prequel series to MacFarlana’s previous releases, “Ted” (2012) and “Ted 2” (2015). It features Max Burkholder as John Bennett while MacFarlana continues to be the voice of the main character.

“Ted,” set in 1993, chronicles the youthful exploits of John Bennett alongside his animated teddy bear, Ted. After a series of antics that irritate John’s parents, they decide to send Ted to school.

John’s loyal sidekick, Ted accompanies him through the trials and tribulations of college. Their adventures include confronting bullies, their first exposure to an adult film, and finally losing the V-card.

What happened in episode 7 of season 1 of “Ted”?

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In the final episode of “Ted,” titled “He’s Got to Have It,” the story unfolds with Ted and John, sitting on their lawn, engaged in deep reflection about their middle school experiences.

As a thunderstorm hits above them, they shout together, which surprisingly turns into beautiful lyrics, subtly alluding to the origins of the song from the 2012 film, “Thunder Buddies.”

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Throughout the episode, John, with Ted as his wingman, attempts to win Bethany over by making up stories about his sexual escapades. His efforts, however, fail to impress Bethany who eventually breaks up their relationship, leading to the cancellation of their prom plans.

Prom night witnesses a dramatic turn of events when John, in a confrontational moment, admits to Bethany his lack of sexual experiences. When she rejects his confession, he boldly takes the stage to announce his virginity to the entire school.

Despite hoping for solidarity from other virgins, his confession is met with silence, leading to an embarrassing moment for him. Yet her courageous act pays off when Bethany, in a private moment, admits to also being a virgin.

In an unexpected twist, their intimate moment at Bethany’s house is interrupted by a breaking television report on the OJ Simpson case, which captures Bethany’s attention and ends their impending sexual relationship.

The series ends with John returning home, sharing his disappointing experience with Ted but optimistically looking forward to an even better senior year together.

Will there be a season 2 of “Ted”?

There has been no official confirmation of “Ted” being renewed for another season. However, it’s not completely out of the ordinary either.

If “Ted” Season 2 ever happens, it will explore the lives of John and Ted throughout their senior year.

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