“Thanos of the villa”: “Love Island USA” star Kendall Washington branded a villain for his “fake” acting

MAMANUCA, Fiji: Kendall Washington’s actions on “Love Island USA” have sparked outrage among fans, earning him the nickname “Thanos of the villa” for his deceptive and strategic gameplay. Despite being linked to Nicole, viewers noticed that very little of their relationship was shown. Instead, Kendall is often seen interacting with other islanders and stirring up drama.

In Casa Amor, Kendall encouraged the boys to be wild while maintaining their own clean image. This behavior caused fans to question his sincerity and label him a villain. Furthermore, his remarks about Serena’s reaction to Kordell’s betrayal and his subsequent actions, such as walking with his arm around her and appearing supportive, only added to the perception of him playing both sides.

Kendall’s ability to handle situations and maintain a polite facade frustrated viewers. They see him more interested in playing the game than in forming genuine connections. As a result, Kendall’s reputation took a hit, with fans calling him out for his fake play and dubbing him the villain of the villa.

Furious viewers took to Reddit to share their opinion. “He’s beyond fake. He stays in women’s business!” said user. “I hated how everything he was all up in Serena’s face too, waaaay too close, basically looking her down, but playing it like friendly,” said another. “HE KNOWS SERENA KORDELL WOULD WIN IF THEY WERE TOGETHER SO HE’S TRYING TO BREAK THEM UP REALLY BAD,” added one.

“Yea very counted on to win. He will be exposed on movie night… I was a big fan of him too smh,” another user added. “Yeah I expected people to clock him. He’s a snake,” commented one. “Yeah, he’s the bad guy right behind Aaron. I can’t wait for them both to be roasted on movie night and hopefully both girls drop them. I literally can’t handle much more of those two on my screens,” commented another.

Kendall Washington encourages Kordell Beckham to choose Daia McGhee

In the latest episode of “Love Island USA” Season 6, Kendall Washington played a role in influencing Kordell Beckham’s romantic decisions. As Kordell struggled with his growing feelings for Casa Amor bombshell Daia McGhee while still being emotionally attached to his original partner, Serena, Kendall stepped in to provide some counseling.

Kendall encouraged Kordell to embrace his bond with Daia rather than overthinking his situation with Serena. He showed how Daia brought out a more lively and carefree side of Kordell, something that everyone loved to see.

“Daia brought out this side of you, bro, and I’m obsessed with it, bro, because you’re so excited. You’re excited about life here. You don’t think too much, ‘okay, if I’m going to do this, what? no. she’ll take a step back if i do that if the pace is too fast.’ All you have to do is be Kordell that everyone loves, and Daia sees that,” Kendall said.

Kendall Washington supports Kordell Beckham and Daia McGhee's romance (@pavo)
Kendall Washington supports Kordell Beckham and Daia McGhee’s romance (@pavo)

Kendall Washington remains loyal in Casa Amor for Nicole Jacky

Kendall Washington showed her loyalty by staying true to her partner, Nicole Jacky, during the Casa Amor experience. While many islanders explored new relationships, Kendall remained steadfast and committed to Nicole, proving that his relationship with her was genuine and strong.

Despite the allure of the new bombshells and the chaotic atmosphere at Casa Amor, Kendall kept her focus on Nicole.

“Love Island USA” Season 6 Kendall Washington and Nicole Jacky (@pavo)

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