“The Acolyte” Episode 6 Takeout: A Jedi Master’s watch thwarts a dangerous twin’s plan

Contains spoilers and speculations for “The Acolyte”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: “The Acolyte” Episode 6 aired on Disney+ on Tuesday, July 2, 2024.

The episode delved into the journey of two masters and their students. Particularly interesting was the dynamic where each student found himself the master of the other.

Osha (Amandla Stenberg), healed by the Sith known as Qimir (Manny Jacinto), wakes up on an unknown planet and finds herself in the company of Qimir who reveals that he was once a Jedi.

Meanwhile, Mae, pretending to be her twin Osha, is with Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae). The thought of killing Master Sol crosses Mae’s mind, but she refrains, choosing instead to discover more about Master Sol’s mysterious past.

Mae believes that her identity is safe, but later, Master Sun discovers Mae’s true identity.

How did Master Sol identify Mae in “The Acolyte” Episode 6?

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“The Acolyte” developed the relationship between Master Sol and Osha over its six episodes. Early in the episode, Qimir informs Osha that her bond with Master Sol is unique, one that runs deeper than her bond with her twin, Mae.

Master Sun knows Osha inside and out, so it’s surprising that he doesn’t recognize Mae pretending to be Osha right from the start.

In Episode 5, when Mae first approaches him as Osha, Master Sun asks about Mae’s whereabouts. It is possible that this was part of his plan to lure Mae back to Coruscant to investigate her.

Additionally, there are several clues throughout the episode suggesting that she is Mae. Osha, known for her mechanical skills, takes longer than expected to solve a power failure.

That could indeed have been the key for Master Sol to realize Mae’s true identity. Also, Master Sol mentions Osha’s relationship with Pip and how she liked him. He may have noticed that Mae did not treat Pip in the same caring way.

Bazil (Hassan Taj), who recognizes Mae and tries to confront her, may have hinted Mae’s true identity to Maestro.

But perhaps the most telling clue was Mae’s persistent questioning of Master Sol’s identity and past, which could strongly suggest her true identity.

Master Sun reveals his secret to Mae in “The Acolyte” Episode 6

Master Sol will face his past in Episode 7 and tell all (@lucasfilm)
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In the last two episodes, there are strong hints that Master Sun harbors a secret from his past, possibly intertwined with the lives of Mae and Osha.

After Mae is incapacitated, Master Sol promises to reveal his secret and face his troubled past. He appears burdened by the deaths of the Jedi and feels responsible for the deaths.

He carries the burden of those deaths heavily on his conscience and feels compelled to confess. His desire to confide in Mae, without having told Osha before, indicates that he may feel a need to apologize for past mistakes that he believes he made against Mae.

Furthermore, his decision to discuss the past about finding the Sith and Osha suggests that he carries a burden on his conscience that he feels an urgent need to address and resolve immediately.

Episodes 1-6 of “The Acolyte” are streaming on Disney+.

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