“The Acolyte” Episode 7 Takeaway: Why Jedi masters hid terrible past from twins

Contains spoilers and speculations for “The Acolyte”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: “The Acolyte” Episode 7 aired on Disney+ on Tuesday, July 9, 2024. The exciting episode was filled with intense Lightsaber battles and revealed long-kept Jedi secrets.

The episode revisited the past, depicting the events on Brendok where Jedi Masters were present to investigate a concentration of Force energy known as an edge on the planet.

During their investigation, the Jedi Masters encounter witches and pretend to test Osha and Mae (Amandla Stenberg) as potential Jedi Padawans.

We see that their real intention is to investigate the activities of the witches on the planet. After doing a blood test on Mae and Osha, they suspect that both may have been artificially created using the edge.

Throughout the series, Mae was blamed for the fire that happened at Brendok. However, this episode reveals that it was the interference of Torbin (Dean Charles-Chapman) and Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) with the witches, along with the mind control of Master Indara (Carrie-Anne Moss), that caused the deaths. of the witches.

Mother Aniseya was killed by Master Sol, but they hid this truth from Osha.

Why did the Jedi hide the truth from Osha?

Master Sol promises to face his past from sixteen years ago (@lucasfilm)
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Master Sol and Indara decide to keep the truth about Brendok from Osha, instead telling her that Mae burned everything. This decision could stem from their guilt and desire for penance.

The masters were directly responsible for destroying Osha’s world and the witches could have continued in peace and practiced their form had it not been for the interference of the Jedi.

Osha is obsessed with becoming a Jedi and even passes the tests set by the masters. With her family and community gone, Master Sun takes it upon himself to care for Osha.

He felt a connection with Osha from the very beginning and believed it was dangerous for her to stay with the witches.

The ascension was considered a dangerous exercise for Osha according to Sun, which was one of the reasons they wanted to take the twins.

Furthermore, Torbin and the Jedi wanted to take the twins back to Coruscant, where they could study the creation of Mae and Osha.

This enthusiasm may have been the reason why Torbin later ended his life after being persuaded by Mae, remaining in silence for a long time afterwards.

Could Osha and Mae be the origin of the dark side?

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“The Acolyte” takes place a hundred years before the Jedi knew about the existence of the dark side. It is possible that Mae and Osha played a role in this revelation.

Qimir (Manny Jacinto) is the only Sith Lord we know of, and he’s desperate for an apprentice. Perhaps the pupil he seeks is not an individual but rather a shared consciousness inhabiting two bodies.

As seen in Episode 7, Mae and Osha are creations of a single consciousness. In the previous episode, Osha experimented with the Cortosis helmet and grew closer to Qimir.

Perhaps Qimir found Mae inadequate as a student because she was not complete without Osha.

If Master Sol survives, he will likely inform the High Council of the Sith Lord’s existence, possibly leading to his death at the hands of Qimir and his potential apprentices as the finale approaches.

Episodes 1-7 of “The Acolyte” are streaming on Disney+

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