“The Acolyte” Episode 7: Why Brendok’s guilt caused the death of this Jedi Master

Contains spoilers and speculations for “The Acolyte”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: “The Acolyte” Episode 7 aired on Disney+ on July 9, 2024. The exciting episode delved into the pasts of the Jedi Masters and their history at Brendok where they went to study a concentration of Force called Vergence. The touching episode provided more exciting details about the Jedi Masters’ past.

In addition to exploring the pasts of Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) and Mae and Osha (Amandla Stenberg), this episode explained the reason behind an incident that occurred in Episode 2 of the series when Jedi Master Torbin (Dean Charles-Chapman) took the poison that Mae gave him willingly and killed herself.

In Episode 2, Mae gives Torbin a choice to either drink the poison or face the Jedi Council and he decides to do the former rather than face the council and now we know why.

Master Torbin’s eagerness to return to Coruscant cost the Jedi Masters

Brendok is the planet Mae and Osha grew up on before it caught fire (@lucasfilm)
Brendok is the planet Mae and Osha grew up on before it caught fire (@lucasfilm)

As the Jedi Masters investigate the possibility of Vergence on the planet, they find Mae and Osha who are artificially created according to their blood test reports as one consciousness and two bodies.

Torbin who is on the planet cannot quite understand why they are there and away from the Coruscant. His mind is vulnerable and Mother Aniseya (Jodie Turner-Smith) can control it without too much trouble.

After it is revealed that the Force could be studied by the twins, he does not take a minute to consider his actions and immediately rushes to the coven of witches. Master Sol follows him.

His enthusiasm defies the order of Master Indara (Carrie Anne-Moss) who wanted to take a more cautious approach and one that would not offend the witches.

The witches see Sol and Torbin’s enthusiasm as an attack and begin to defend themselves. This begins a war between the witches and Jedi causing the destruction of the coven.

Torbin is injured physically but it is his mind that faces the greatest weight of the incident because he harbors guilt about the incident for sixteen years and it is that guilt that kills him in the end.

Fans criticize Torbin’s enthusiasm as the reason behind Brendok’s events

Photocom of the series
Photocom of the series “The Acolyte” (@lucasfilm)

Fans were angry with Torbin and criticized his eagerness to return home. A Reddit user says “Is Torbin secretly a skywalker? Because that boy is whiny as hell”. While another Reddit user went into the “Game of Thrones” universe saying, “No, he’s secretly a Lannister though.”

A Reddit user thinks “I think Aniseya messing with Torbin’s mind backfired. She reinforced his desperation to go home without considering that it would make him desperate enough to try to take the girls by force.” putting some of the blame on Mother Aniseya who decided to play mind tricks with him and make him even more zealous.

Another Reddit user questioned Torbin’s actions saying, “So they already had the M count tests that proved the twins were created with a wand, but Torbin still felt like he had to kidnap them?”

How to stream ‘The Acolyte’?

Joonas Suotamo in 'The Acolyte' (@lucasfilmltd)
Joonas Suotamo in ‘The Acolyte’ (@lucasfilmltd)

Episodes 1-7 of ‘The Acolyte’ are streaming on Disney+ and the final episode will drop on July 16, 2024. To watch the show, you’ll need a Disney+ Subscription. To stream ‘The Acolyte’, you’ll need a Disney+ subscription.

The basic membership plan with ads costs $7.99/month while the premium plan (without ads) comes at $13.99/month or $139.99/year.

Trailer “The Acolyte”.

Episodes 1-7 of “The Acolyte” are streaming on Disney+

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