‘The Bachelor’ star Jenn Tran feels ‘grateful’ as Thomas Nyugen becomes show’s only Asian suitor

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Jenn Tran shared feeling grateful for the inclusion of one Asian man in “The Bachelor.”

Jenn Tran, as “The Bachelorette”, expressed her disappointment about the limited representation of Asian men among the show’s contestants, stating, “it’s unfortunate that there weren’t many Asian men this season.” She emphasized the importance of cultural background in forming bonds, explaining, “Not everyone can understand being a child of immigrant parents.”

Tran expressed her desire for greater diversity in the casting process, “It’s not every day you get to connect with someone on your immigrant parents and you get to connect with someone on that level because not everyone can understand that. That was a really special conversation for me because Thomas really understood where I’m coming from, and my family means everything to me… being a child of immigrant parents is something that not everyone can understand. And so, having that conversation with Thomas really meant the world,” she told Glamour.

Thomas Nyugen is the only Asian suitor on the show (@abc)
Thomas Nyugen is the only Asian suitor on the show (@abc)

Jenn Tran is the first Asian on ‘The Bachelorette’

Jenn Tran made history as the first Asian American to star as The Bachelor, marking a significant milestone for diversity within the franchise. Her casting was celebrated for breaking barriers and providing representation for Asian Americans on a mainstream reality show.

“The whole trip happened in a way that it had to happen, and I’m very happy with the way things ended up,” Tran said. “It’s definitely an ending that I didn’t see coming for myself. My family won’t see it coming, and I don’t think the viewers will see it coming either. I’m excited for everything to unfold,” she said.

Jenn Tran appears in the new commercial for
Jenn Tran appears in the new promo for “The Bachelorette” Season 21 (Instagram/@jenntranx)

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