“The Bachelorette” star Jahaan Ansari is a business mogul who earned a spot on Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

NEWBURY PARK, CALIFORNIA: Jahaan Ansari, a successful young entrepreneur who was honored as a recipient of Forbes 30 Under 30, eagerly anticipates the opportunity to win over the heart of Jenn Tran, the star of the upcoming season of ‘The Bachelorette’ on ABC. .

Since its launch, Ansari’s sports nutrition and supplement company Gainful has seen impressive growth, with annual revenue surpassing $20 million in January of last year.

Ansari, who has degrees in chemical engineering and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley, was instrumental in developing the algorithm that matches customers with personalized protein formulas, while Gainful co-founder Eric Wu focused on creating the formulas. This dynamic partnership has been crucial to Gainful’s success and has solidified its position as a leader in the supplement industry.

The company made it to Forbes’ Food & Beverage 30 Under 30 list thanks to its innovative approach to customizing protein powder regimens for users based on their unique needs, diet and lifestyle. Through an online quiz and support from registered dietitians, Gainful has helped millions of people adjust their protein intake to optimize their health and fitness goals.

Prominent investors, including NBA legend Pau Gasol, have shown confidence in Gainful’s potential by contributing a total of $17 million in funding.

“The Bachelorette” Season 21 star Jahaan Ansari is the co-founder of Gainful (Instagram/@jah_aan)

“The Bachelorette” Season 21 star Jahaan Ansari is ready to meet the woman of his dreams

After establishing himself as a successful entrepreneur and being recognized in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, Jahaan Ansari is now looking to find a partner with whom to share his achievements. He shifts his focus to finding love and is eager to build a strong bond with someone special.

Known for his caring and understanding nature, Ansari is devoted to his family and dreams of starting a family of his own with his future wife. He is looking for a partner who is outgoing, driven, and innovative, and it seems he is in the perfect place to find the woman of his dreams.

“The Bachelor” Season 21 star Jahaan Ansari is ready to meet the woman of his dreams (Instagram/@jah_aan)

“The Bachelorette” Season 21 contestant Jahaan Ansari loves to play chess

When “The Bachelor” season 21 contestant Jahaan Ansari is not busy with his work, he enjoys indulging his passion for playing chess. He’s a really dedicated chess enthusiast, and it’s safe to say that if you were to challenge him to a game, the odds are not in your favor. His Instagram account is filled with snapshots of him engaging in intense chess matches.

One of Ansari’s lifelong dreams is to learn how to fly a plane, and he has it on his list of things to accomplish before he kicks the bucket.

“The Bachelor” Season 21 contestant Jahaan Ansari is a chess enthusiast (Instagram/@jah_aan)

The 21st season of ‘The Bachelorette’ premieres Monday, July 8 at 8 PM ET on ABC.

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