‘The Bequeathed’ Review: Kim Hyun-joo Stands Out in Netflix’s Latest Grim K Drama

JEONJU, SOUTH KOREA: If you hear K-drama mentioned in conversation and think of a cheesy romance between two lovers, then “The Bequeathed” is about to change your mind.

“The Legates” contains a little bit of everything, but mostly sinister murders on a rural land. This K-drama has a total of 6 episodes and will keep you hooked from start to finish.

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The main character of “The Bequeathed” is Yoon Seo-ha played by Kim Hyun-joo, and frankly, no matter how many characters you might encounter in this K-drama, your mind and eyes will be fixed on the character Seo – ha, and not just because she is at the center of the plot.

“The Legates” overdoes it with its chaotic plot

K-dramas usually span more than 6 episodes, and that’s because there’s often a lot to cover, whether it’s romance, mystery, or crime.

However, Netflix’s “The Bequeathed” attempted to wrap everything up in 6 episodes, leading to some chaos. Before you jump into this series, you need to remember that it’s not for the faint of heart, and definitely don’t watch it on a full stomach, you might regret it.

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The protagonist, Yoon Seo-ha, receives a phone call about a deceased uncle in the very first episode of “The Bequeathed” and that’s where it all begins.

While the entire series is tied to this murder and a few others that take place throughout the series, admittedly, there’s a lot going on in 6 episodes, and given the nearly 50-55 minute runtime, this was not enough.

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It seemed too busy and too chaotic during most of the episodes, but the actors and the characters played by them were worth the watch.

Kim Hyun-joo’s character Yoon Seo-ha shines in ‘The Bequeathed’

Yoon Seo-ha is confronted by her half-brother, Kim Yeong-ho, in
Yoon Seo-ha faces her half-brother, Kim Yeong-ho, in ‘The Bequeathed’ (Netflix)

As mentioned earlier, Yoon Seo-Ha is the protagonist of the K-drama currently streaming on Netflix, and every scene she was in was right at the top.

Any viewer who binges “The Bequeathed” will remember Seo-Ha, whose character arc begins as the damsel in distress, with her deception, then her dead husband, or her boss who won’t give her the job that she deserves. .

However, as we move forward with “The Bequeathed”, Seo-Ha takes charge and really shines as a strong female protagonist that one might look forward to.

Park Hee-soon and Ryu Kyung-soo gave incredibly remarkable performances in “The Bequeathed” as Choi Seong-jun and Kim Yeong-ho respectively.

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