“The Boarding School Murders” (2024) date, plot, full cast and is the Lifetime movie worth watching

Name of movie: The Residential School Murders

Platform: lifetime

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Country of origin: Canada

Release date: January 14, 2024

Genre: Thriller

Director: Alexandre Carrière

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Writers: Jason Byers, Richard Pierce

Full cast: Christina Cox, Hannah Galway, Ksenia Daniela Kharlamova, Xavier Sotelo, Katia Edith Wood, Eve Edwards, Nicole Amber Farrugia, Guy Sprung, Douglas Kidd, Isabelle Boulton, Victoria Lenhardt

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What is the plot of “The Boarding School Murders”?

Frankie hasn’t had an easy life. She has lived in the foster care system for most of her young life and dreams of one day finding her way out of the labyrinthine grip of those with good intentions and those who simply don’t. So when she had the chance to attend a prestigious Swiss boarding school, she naturally jumped at the chance. But a happy alpine adventure quickly turns deadly when one of Frankie’s classmates is found dead… murdered. Much to Frankie’s horror, all fingers point at her. Is there something more sinister to Frankie behind that innocent face? Or is there a killer lurking the halls of the boarding school waiting for his next victim?

Main cast of “The Boarding School Murders”

Hannah Galway

Hannah’s career began in a series of short films in which she established her talent and worked her way to the major leagues. Hannah has starred in some very big TV series (albeit in minor roles) like “Mrs America”, “Murdoch Mysteries” and the excellent “Under the Banner of Heaven”. She will be instantly recognizable to young fans as Emily from the hit Netflix series “Sex/Life.” You can next see her in the lead role of the upcoming film “Sun”.

Hannah Galway stars in
Hannah Galway stars in Lifetime’s ‘The Boarding School Murders’ (Photo credit: Instagram)

Christine Cox

Christina made her mark in the entertainment industry with the role of Angela Ramirez in the excellent 1996 series “F/X.” She then starred in “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven” before a series of appearances in the biggest shows of the time, such as “Bones”, “CSI: Miami”, “House MD” and Stargate: SG-. 1′. Her next big role would be that of Vicki Nelson in the television series “Blood Ties” alongside Dylan Neal. Of course, it would be remiss if we forgot to mention her role as Elaine Lewis in the incredibly popular film “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.” You can next see her in the upcoming film “Raptus”.

Actress Christina Cox attends a screening of the film Inspired Family Entertainment
Actress Christina Cox attends a screening of Inspired Family Entertainment’s “FREDI” at Landmark Theater on March 14, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images) Ksenia Daniela Kharlamova

An absolute star among the youngest and quickly conquering the older groups, Ksenia truly seems ready to captivate audiences around the world. Having previously starred in critically and popularly acclaimed shows like “Strays”, “Slip” and “Robyn Hood” (in which she plays Much), Ksenia is certainly a name and face to watch.

Ksenia Daniela Kharlamova seen here in a photo from the TV series
Ksenia Daniela Kharlamova seen here in a photo from the TV series “Strays”

Is ‘The Residential School Murders’ worth watching?

A dark but grand old boarding school set in the Swiss Alps, a murderer darkening the hallowed halls, and a group of schoolgirls seeking to solve the crime all make for some serious gothic thrills. This should be a great watch on a cold January night.

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3 out of 5

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