“The Boys” Season 4 Episode 7 Takeover: The Deep is unraveling and it’s not going to end well

Contains spoilers and speculations for “The Boys” Season 4

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In the latest episode of “The Boys” Season 4, titled “The Insider,” The Boys find themselves in trouble when Homelander sends The Deep and Black Noir to attack Butcher and Annie.

Homelander becomes angry after discovering the bug Hughie planted in Tek Knight’s mansion and orders The Deep and Black Noir to go after The Boys.

That episode reveals who leaked information from The Seven. What will happen next for the leak and The Seven? Let’s find out.

La Profunda and Black Noir meet an unexpected guest at The Boys’ warehouse

Chace Crawford and Nathan Mitchell in a photo shoot by
Chace Crawford and Nathan Mitchell return to Vought after learning about the leak on “The Boys” (@primevideo)

In “The Boys”, The Deep has a change of heart after ending things with his octopus companion. He decides to prove his loyalty to Homelander by offering to do anything for him. Homelander then instructs The Deep to eliminate The Boys.

Black Noir and The Deep wait for Starlight and Butcher to arrive. Deep begins a battle with Starlight, while Black Noir confronts Butcher. Since Black Noir is a superman who can fly, he easily gains the upper hand in the battle against Butcher.

This was a crucial moment when A-Train, an unexpected ally of “The Boys”, entered the fray. Using his super speed, A-Train quickly overwhelmed The Deep during the intense battle.

The scene revealed how close The Deep and Black Noir came to defeating both Butcher and Annie. The timely arrival of A-Train prevented their near-death experience.

A-Train finally reveals to The Deep and Black Noir that he is the leak

A-Train manages to save Butcher and Annie from The Deep and Black Noir in time in “The Boys” (@primevideo)

As soon as A-Train arrives on the scene, The Deep becomes deeply confused. A-Train then reveals to The Deep that he is actually the one leaking information from Vought.

This revelation shocks The Deep, who considered A-Train a close friend, perhaps even his best friend among The Seven. However, A-Train adds insult to injury by admitting that he has always hated The Deep more than anyone else.

Enraged by this betrayal, The Deep and A-Train engage in a heated battle. With A-Train’s super speed giving him a distinct advantage, he quickly defeats The Deep in their intense confrontation.

What’s next for A-Tain in “The Boys” Season 4?

A-Train's expensive new show criticizes Hollywood and especially the MCU's budget quality deception (@primevideo)
A-Train reveals he is responsible for leaking info on ‘The Boys’ (@primevideo)

Now that everyone knows A-Train is the real leak, things are looking bad for him and his family. He may have to flee from The Seven, Vought, The Boys, and everyone else to keep himself and his family safe.

We’ve seen how Homelander reacts to betrayal before; he is ruthless and has killed those he suspected of treason. This could mean A-Train will be gone for a while.

He might be back for the Season Finale, but one thing’s for sure: if Homelander catches A-Train, it’s probably the end for him.

Trailer “The Boys”.

7 Episodes of “The Boys” are now available to stream on Prime Video.

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