‘The Boys’ Season 4 Episode 8 Preview: Will Homelander lose his closest ally? Walls close in on The Seven

Contains spoilers and speculations for “The Boys” Season 4

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: “The Boys” Season 4 Episode 7 titled, “The Insider” just premiered on Prime Video on Thursday, July 11.

In “The Boys” Season 4, based on the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Homelander (Anthony Starr) is torn between his desire to be a father figure to his son Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) and his sinister plans to seize control of the government. .

Meanwhile, Butcher (Karl Urban) spirals into a destructive journey, plagued by illness and worsening hallucinations with each episode.

As both men near collapse, a clash between Homelander and Butcher looms large and explosive. With Season 5 already confirmed, the chaos is set to increase.

What happened in “The Boys” Season 4 Episode 7?

Karen Fukuhara and Tomer Capone in a photo shoot by
Karen Fukuhara and Tomer Capone in a photoshoot from “The Boys” (@primevideo)

In “The Boys” Season 4 Episode 7 titled, “The Insider” Frenchie and Kimiko find comfort in each other amid their troubled pasts. Frenchie struggles with shame about her history, while Kimiko struggles with guilt after an act of violence.

Meanwhile, tensions rise as they monitor Samir, who is planning a deadly virus targeting Homelander. Mother’s Milk faces overwhelming stress, leading to a panic attack, considering leaving The Boys until encouraged by A-Train to stay.

Butcher reveals he has Samir, leading to a chaotic chain of events involving a shapeshifter and Vought’s sinister plans. The boys encounter constant challenges and betrayals, including Homelander’s relentless pursuit of the truth.

Ultimately, secrets unravel, leaving characters like Annie and Butcher in precarious situations, signaling darker times ahead.

What to expect in “The Boys” Season 4 Episode 8?

Antony Starr in a still of
Antony Starr in photo shoot of “The Boys” (@primevideo)

In “The Boys” Season 4 Episode 8, tensions may reach a boiling point as Frenchie and Kimiko face the consequences of Samir’s betrayal.

With Kimiko seriously injured after a confrontation, Frenchie may be forced into a desperate decision to contain a deadly virus, testing the limits of their loyalty to The Boys.

Meanwhile, Mother’s Milk may be considering his role amid escalating chaos, torn between his desire to save the world and the toll it takes on him personally.

As Butcher reveals startling truths and sinister plans unfold, The Boys may face new threats that threaten to unravel their mission.

With Homelander’s manipulative schemes and inner betrayals exposed, the team could navigate a treacherous landscape where allies are few and enemies abound.

Amid the intrigue and danger, revelations about Vought’s dark agenda and the true nature of some of its most powerful figures may promise a gripping conclusion to a season marked by deception and survival.

Expect “The Boys” Season 4 Episode 8 to deliver intense confrontations, unexpected alliances and pivotal revelations that may shape the future of its characters and the volatile world they inhabit.

As the series heads towards its finale, the stakes may never be higher, promising a roller-coaster ride of action, betrayal and moral reckoning that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Since Homelander fired Sister Sage, she may join forces with The Boys, helping them in their efforts to thwart Homelander’s plans for world domination. Her expertise and strategic insights could prove crucial as they navigate the escalating conflict and uncover deeper layers of Vought’s sinister agenda.

As tensions rise and alliances shift, Sister Sage’s alliance with The Boys may be a game changer in the battle against the fearsome Supes and corporate corruption.

When will ‘The Boys’ Season 4 Episode 8 release?

Homelander realizes that Sister Sage could also be a liability due to her limitations in
Homelander realizes that Sister Sage could also be a liability due to her limitations in “The Boys” (@primevideo)

“The Boys” Season 4 premiered its first 3 episodes together on Thursday, June 13. The series has now adopted a weekly release pattern. Therefore, fans can expect Episode 8 to be available for streaming on Thursday, July 18.

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‘The Boys’ Season 4 trailer

7 episodes of “The Boys” are available to stream on Prime Video

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