“The Boys” Season 4: Hughie and Butcher’s complicated relationship in cartoons hints at tragedy

Contains spoilers and speculation for “The Boys”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In “The Boys” comic series, Billy Butcher meets a surprising end when Hughie, his former student, fatally stabs him in issue 71. Driven by grief and misled about the death of his parents, Butcher tricks Hughie into killing him. .

Despite Butcher’s mission to avenge corrupt Soups like The Seven, whom he sees as false heroes, his story ends with a disturbing smile as Hughie delivers the fatal blow.

Butcher leads The Boys, a team aimed at exposing and eliminating villainous Supes posing as heroes. His quest for revenge begins after the tragic death of his wife at the hands of Homelander (later revealed as Black Noir).

Over time, Butcher’s quest for justice turns darker, leading him to betray his own teammates. His final encounter with Hughie marks his moral decline and ultimate fall, bringing a pitiful and fitting end to his journey in “The Boys”.

How did Butcher trick Hughie into killing him in “The Boys” cartoons?

Karl Urban and Jack Quaid in a photo shoot of
Karl Urban and Jack Quaid in a still from “The Boys” (PrimeVideo/@janthijs)

In “The Boys” comic series, Billy Butcher’s vendetta against Supes reaches a shocking climax when he unexpectedly kills Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and The Female (Kimiko).

In a fierce battle with Hughie on the Empire State Building, both are seriously injured and Butcher reveals intimate details about his late wife. He advises Hughie to like Starlight, unsure of his own future.

When Hughie decides to leave the injured Butcher to be captured, Butcher admits to a gigantic lie – he claims to have killed Hughie’s parents as payback. Enraged and betrayed, Hughie stabs Butcher in retaliation, unaware that Butcher manipulated him into committing the act.

That twist ends Butcher’s dark journey in a planned and tragic way.

Butcher recruited Hughie only to stop him in “The Boys”

Karl Urban and Jack Quaid in a photo of
Karl Urban and Jack Quaid in a still from “The Boys” (@PrimeVideo/@janthijs)

Butcher ultimately chose Hughie to kill him as a twisted way to show how much their time together in “The Boys” had affected him. His death, marked by a deceptive smile as he falsely claimed responsibility for killing Hughie’s parents, signaled his acceptance that his mission was over.

Transforming the once innocent member of The Boys his executioner represented Butcher’s final act of control and a traumatic experience for Hughie. It was a fittingly somber farewell for Butcher, underscoring his lasting influence over Hughie to the end.

In his death, Butcher orchestrated a dramatic exit by killing The Boys and manipulating Hughie into killing him with a cruel lie. As a Supe killer, Butcher probably planned his own death from the moment he recruited Hughie.

Becoming the ultimate antagonist of the series, he had power over his circumstances until the very end. Choosing Hughie to carry out his death added a final twist to the life he changed forever in the comic series “The Boys”.

Butcher and Hughie have a complicated relationship in “The Boys” comics but it may not carry over to the show

Karl Urban and Jack Quaid in a photo shoot of
Karl Urban and Jack Quaid in “The Boys” photo shoot (@primevideo)

In the comic series, Butcher brought Hughie in “The Boys” because Hughie reminded him of his dead little brother. Butcher, consumed with grief over the deaths of Becca and his brother, believed he had lost his conscience.

He hoped that Hughie could keep him in check and prevent him from carrying out a plan that would have caused the deaths of millions, driven by his intense hatred of Supes.

However, the TV adaptation on Prime Video seems unlikely to follow the exact plot. In the comics, Butcher’s goal was to wipe out all the Supes, causing him to turn against his own team members.

Since the show portrays members of The Boys as human, Butcher lacks a motive to harm them along with the Supes.

With no reason to target The Boys, Butcher wouldn’t need Hughie to step in and stop him like in the conclusion of the cartoon.

While this ending was convincing for the comics, it is unlikely that viewers will witness Billy Butcher meet his end at the hands of this unexpected ally in “The Boys” TV series.

‘The Boys’ Season 4 trailer

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