‘The Boys’ Season 4: Why MM’s comic backstory is so much more heartbreaking than the TV show’s version

Contains spoilers and speculation for “The Boys”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In the television adaptation of “The Boys,” several changes were made from the cartoons, including touches to Mother’s Milk’s backstory.

In Season 3, the show finally revealed why Mother’s Milk was against Supes, even though the comic version was more brutal.

In “The Boys” comic book #35 by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Mother’s Milk tells Hughie that he was exposed to Compound V in a different way compared to the others.

His mother was exposed to it while working in a contaminated Vought-American factory.

His father, who was not a lawyer, spent months preparing a lawsuit against Vought-American and won. Unfortunately, Mother’s Milk’s brother Michael died when his powers manifested.

His father tried to sue again, but the stress and exhaustion of preparing the case finally caused his death.

The comic backstory of Mother’s Milk reveals a tragedy beyond the TV adaptation

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In “The Boys” Season 3, the show finally dives into Mother’s Milk’s backstory. In that version, Milk’s family suffered because of Vought, especially through his superhero Soldier Boy, who behaved similarly to a violent Captain America.

When Milk was young, he saw Soldier Boy fighting car thieves, but accidentally killed his grandfather by throwing a car at him.

Milk’s father, a lawyer, spent months preparing a case against Vought to seek justice for his father. However, much like in the cartoons, the stress of the case caused the death of his father before the trial.

The show made two major changes from the comics. First, Vought-American’s negligence directly affected Mother’s Milk and his family, making the situation deeply personal for Milk.

Second, the show changed the background of Milk’s father by portraying him as a lawyer.

In the comics, Milk’s father was not a lawyer but continued to take Vought-America to court and won a settlement. However, the victory was tainted when young Milk heard Vought-American’s lawyers dismiss it as “win some, lose some.”

TV show “The Boys” overlooks the much more complex backstory of Mother’s Milk from the cartoons

Laz Alonso in a photo shoot of “The Boys” (@primevideo)

“The Boys” TV series received praise for its bold departures from the comic book source material. However, the simplification of Mother’s Milk’s backstory in the show detracts from its depth.

Connecting Milk to Soldier Boy, the antagonist of Season 3, was a logical choice, but changing his backstory removes one of the powerful criticisms of the corporate crime cartoon.

It highlights how legal victories against entities like “Vought-American” often fail to fully address their egregious behavior.

While adaptation can improve a story, in this case, closer to the comics of “The Boys” may have kept its original effect.

‘The Boys’ Season 4 trailer

6 episodes of “The Boys” are available to stream on Prime Video.

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