“The Brothers Sun”, episode 2 to remember: Alexis reveals Charles Sun’s secrets amid the mystery club murders

Contains spoilers for “The Brothers Sun” Season 1 Episode 2

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The American series “The Brothers Sun” premiered on Netflix on Thursday, January 4. The action and dark comedy series stars Asian actors and promises an exciting spectacle.

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“The Brothers Sun,” starring Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien and Sam Song Li, revolves around a gangster family who are repeatedly attacked by unknown assassins and the Sun family must find a way to survive. Here is a recap of the second episode.

Bruce Sun discovers his family’s dark secrets

After a turbulent night of meeting his older brother after 15 years and watching him kill men in a club, Bruce Sun (Sam Song Li) wakes up to the grisly sight of him packing a dead body into the suitcase. Bruce, told by his mother Eileen (Michelle Yeoh) that his brother works in Antarctica with penguins while his father is a gamer, suffers the biggest shock of his life when he learns that he comes from a family of gangsters.

Bruce has an important exam coming up at his preschool while his brother Charles Sun (Justin Chien) wants his help disposing of the corpse. Eileen wants Bruce to stay away from violence as she describes him as “skinny than a girl”.

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However, Charles believes that Bruce must also take responsibility for the family. He hands her a bag loaded with a skull while he loads the suitcase containing the remaining parts of his body. Eileen explains to Charles a way to dispose of the body while she goes about her own task. The meat-taker goes after Charles and a group of assassins attack him once again. Bruce also gets caught up in the action and luckily escapes the crime scene.

As Charles wanders the city with a face in his purse and his jacket stained with blood while he enjoys Churros, the cops surround him. Alexis, the deputy prosecutor, recognizes Charles, with whom she spent her childhood in Taipei. Fortunately, Charles barely escapes, thanks to his brother.

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On the way home, Charles tells Bruce their family history and mentions that secrecy is their strength. Bruce criticizes him by mentioning that everyone in Los Angeles seems to know him as “Chairleg”.

Eileen Sun takes charge

As Charles returns home, Eileen criticizes him for not listening to her. Meanwhile, she surprises him when she reveals the identity of the dead man. She warns him that they are no longer in Taiwan, that the police are not in their pockets, and that they will have to act in a certain way to survive.

Will Alexis denounce Charles Sun?

Alexis (Highdee Kuan) shows up at the Sun residence. She connects the dots and realizes that Charles is behind the murders at the club. While Charles plays innocent, Alexis says she knows everything about his “family business” in Taiwan.

Will Alexis report Charles to the cops or does she have other plans? With Alexis knowing Charles’ history, will it be difficult for him to dispose of the bodies of other men he is about to kill?

The second episode ends on an exciting moment with the entry of a mysterious girl into Bruce’s school. Bruce looks terrified and the reason is unknown! Meanwhile, someone has also kidnapped Bruce’s best friend. Who is behind the attacks and kidnappings? I guess we’ll have to find out in future episodes.

“The Brothers Sun” is streaming on Netflix.

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